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Android Emulator- Coping Up

The Android emulator is a kind of virtual mobile device that lets you to develop the actual phone handset applications without actually using it. You can operate the Android emulator while some application is tested, it would work as it were some actual mobile device.

The difference would merely be that the mouse would be working as some cursor to touch the screen, while the keyboard would be used for the purpose of pressing the keys. The Android emulator can support various options during its launching period.


Android Emulator


Playing Games with Android Emulator

One must know that if you are meant to play high quality games, you must go for none other than the Android market. In the set you can have a handful of games out. Though the number of games that you can play at a time remains comparatively small, but its usage is nicely respected for games. One must know that the Emulators in the Android market are not only meant for the purpose to enjoy games and fun, rather they also provide you with the opportunity to have access to thousands of games at the same price as one game costs in the market.


Software Testing With Android Emulator

Android Emulators use the software programs that allow the Android applications to run on the setup. This in turn tests and lets you know that whether the applications would be would be able to perform all the functionality required or not. Hence this becomes the most useful tool for those who are developing Android applications for designing. This enables the developers to test their software confidentially before publishing them. Besides on your PC, you can better check these applications, it’s not necessary that you test them on your Android gadget.


Different from Android Phone

The difference that can be made between the Android mobile phone and the Android emulator is that the phone is capable to make phone calls while the emulator cannot. The soft wares installed in the Android emulator cannot support calls since the gadget does not possess any hardware tool to support the phone calls. But except this you can enjoy all other uses of the gadget as the ones found in Android phone just like Bluetooth, or wireless connections etc.


More With Android Emulator

Moreover the Android Emulator also allows you to choose some specific settings in order to operate according to your desired options. It is desirable to check the software application with every different setting while installation is done for testing, so that you can check out if some setting is blocking the software usage.

Additionally there is one more exciting thing about the Android emulator that is you can OFF its Bluetooth and hence you can customize your set to any particular matching Android handset model while during this the wireless connection is ON.

Furthermore it can also work for troubleshooting purpose just for instance when some bugs are detected in any software application. All in all the Android application developers can benefit a lot from the Android emulator usages.


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