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Apps To Find Lost Smartphone

All the dominant smartphone manufacturers have now made it a point to provide their customers services which let them protect their cell phone’s data, and if required delete all of it if your phone is lost.

These services do provide the facility of tracking the cell phone’s location as well, but sometimes these apps are not appropriate, because thieves restore the smartphone’s settings, which resets everything. Almost everyone has lost their smartphone once or twice, and majority is much high among the youngsters.

Apps To Find Lost Smartphone

Anyhow if your smartphone has been stolen, then thinking about an app won’t help much, because these apps need to be installed in the smartphone in advance. There are a lot of applications available, out of which we are listing top 5 apps to find lost smartphone to protect your smartphone!



Top 5 Apps To Find Lost Smartphone

Find My iPhone

Find My iPhone - AppThis app is an excellent way to track down the location of iPhone remotely! The app needs to be installed on your iPhone, and it works well with other iOS devices such as iPad, iPod touch. All you need to do is install it on your iOS device, and sign in with the Apple ID.

In case your iPhone gets stolen or lost, it can be conveniently tracked from another iPhone. Moreover, the app lets you to play a sound at full volume for 2 minutes, even if your iPhone (or any iOS device) is at silent mode, lets you to lock your device remotely, wipe the personal data, directions to locate the device’s location and much more.


Find My Phone

Find My Phone - App This app is for android smartphones! Find My Phone is a security application, which you ought to have on your smartphone. This app works wonderfully in recovering your lost or stolen Android device.

If your smartphone is lost, all you need to do is send a text message and Find My Phone app will reply you back with the smartphone’s current location, i.e. will point it on Google Map. Similarly you can ring your cell phone, which will ring at a high volume, know about remaining battery, get informed if your SIM has been changed, also wipe out all your personal data remotely.



SeekDroid - AppSeekDroid is another application that is especially made for Android devices. You can easily find your Android phone or tablet anywhere in the world. The location of the lost or stolen gadget can be monitored and accessed via their website.

With this app in your android device, you can trigger an alarm on full volume (even if phone is on silent mode), wipe out the data of phone, locate its GPS coordinates, enable its GPS remotely, display the location on Google Map along with the history, get informed if the device enters an unfenced area, impair the app from being uninstalled from the phone, check all the recent calls, lock the smartphone with a code.



GadgetTrak - AppThis app is available for Android (1.6 or higher) , BlackBerry (4.5 or higher), iOS device (iOS 4 or higher). It is perfect to track down your lost device since tracking is made easier with the provision of camera clicking images of whosoever holds the iPhone, on the contrary for android & BlackBerry devices the app triggers an piercing alarm on high volume, protects the data on such as photos and contacts, lets you remotely wipe out the data, check the GPS location of the device on Google Map, notifies you if the SIM has been changed or removed. Moreover, once the app is activated on the device, it can’t be modified unless it is deactivated.



Cerberus - AppThis is one of the best apps to find lost smartphone. Cerberus is a complete anti-theft app to provide best protection to recover the lost, misplaced or stolen android device. The app is free to use for one week if downloaded from Google PlayStore, and after that the app license can be purchased for lifetime for one time charge.

You can remotely keep a check on your lost android device through Cerberus website, remotely control via text messages, you get notified if somebody has put in an unauthorized SIM card in your android device.

All in all, the app lets you to locate and track down the phone, prompt a loud alarm, wipe out the internal memory as well as SD card, lock the device using a code, record the surrounding noises with the help of mic, check the calls made and received. Cerberus enables the GPS service of the android phone to help locate your device, also it doesn’t drains the battery.

apps to find lost smartphone apps to find stolen smartphone

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