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5 Bad Cell Phone Habits You Must Overcome!

The use of cell phone has become a compulsive habit. I often find myself fiddling with my phone without any apparent reason. There is this surge of restlessness and it just would not go if I do not check my text messages at once. Where this is a comfort, it can be an utter nuisance at times and especially in certain settings.

Along with these there are some cell phone habits that are harmful to our very dear cell phone itself. So we must identify such habits that we need to overcome, for they either affect our gadget negatively or our social relations. Here is how you can avoid harming your phone by leaving some careless habits and when you need to ditch the gadget, close your eyes and breathe!


Bad Cell Phone Habits To Overcome

Leaving your cell phone to charge before you go to bed

Some of us have a very religiously observed habit of leaving their cell phones to charge overnight. To begin with this might not be good for the cell phone itself, particularly to the battery.

Leaving your cell phone to charge before you go to bed

The cell phone heats up and any fluctuation might hurt. Secondly, there is obviously a misuse of electricity.


Talking cell phone in the rain

Being out on her corner in the pouring rain is just a romantic idea installed in your head my Maroon 5. Get over it!

Talking cell phone in the rain

Talking on your cell phone, walking in the rain is not the best way to treat your expensive little gadget. It is not a Rolex!


Taking your cell phone to the movies

It is perfectly ok to take your little baby to the movies but please turn it off! There is even a short advice before the movie starts that you should turn your gadgets off.

Taking your cell phone to the movies

For one thing, when you text or fiddle with your screen you flash an annoying light in peoples’ eyes and all they see is a vague dim light coming to get them from a side not the huge screen in front them! And the worst case scenario is when your ringtone goes off! Heck!


Taking our cell phone to the dinner table

We need to understand this once and forever: when your dad is talking to you, you need to ignore the incoming calls and texts. Family comes first. It is a great idea to leave your phone in your room when you go to the dinner table.

Taking our cell phone to the dinner table

This applies to other situations like a romantic date or your wedding night! Get rid of your gadget for a second; it would only be healthy to do so.


Not using the Wi-Fi

Whenever you have an access to Wi-Fi you should use it instead of using cellular network services. Save money! It is more convenient in the long run. So think again and make use of the free wireless services made available to you by your school or café!



Learn to live without the cell phone at times, and get over the physical and psychological dependence on technology. You need that rehabilitation now.

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