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Cell Phone Spy Software Selecting Tips – Most Effective

This is cell phone tracking software reviews : Smart phone owners have made Cell Phone Spy Software one of the most popular apps and there seems no end to the growing demand.  But before you decide to invest in any Android or iPhone Spy applications, you first need to do some research.(Look out some basic mobile phone features your mobile should have) This is because some of the cheaper versions of Cell Phone Spy Software don’t have the surveillance tools necessary to truly track and analyze all smart phone activities.   Most Effective Cell Phone Spy Software Selecting Tips

Look For Following Cell Phone Spy Software ‘s Monitoring Features

For best results, look for specific monitoring platforms like Android or iPhone Spy that includes these following essential monitoring features.

Cell Phone Text/Chat Logging

To capture all IM’s and text messages, be sure to only buy Cell Phone Spy Software that includes a Text/Chat log feature.

Video and Picture Logs

Cutting edge platforms like Android or iPhone Spy can help you monitor and record all incoming and outgoing Videos and Pictures.

Cell Phone Internet Browsing History

What websites is your loved one visiting with their iPhone?  Just download Cell Phone Spy Software that includes this advanced surveillance tool and you’ll be able to see for yourself.

Location Monitoring

Cutting edge software suites like Nokia or iPhone Spy include both Live Location and Location History features that tell you where a smart phone is right now plus where it has been.

Live Listen Mode

Want to eavesdrop on the surroundings of the monitored cell phone and hear live conversations, background noise, etc.?  Then be sure to only invest in State-of-the-Art Cell Phone Spy Software that includes the Live Listen tool.  With this feature, you can secretly activate the cell phone’s microphone and listen live to the surroundings.

Reverse Phone Look-Up

When the caller I.D. doesn’t reveal a caller’s phone number, the Reverse Phone Look-Up feature found on most Android and iPhone Spy applications will identify the hidden number for you.

Call Recording

Want to find out what someone is really talking about on their cell phone?  Then look for Cell Phone Spy Software that includes the Call Recording monitoring tool and you’ll be able to listen to actual conversations via your user account.

Phone Wipe

Want to protect yourself against identity theft in case your cell phone is lost or stolen?  Then only buy leading edge platforms like Nokia or iPhone Spy that include a Phone Wipe tool which allows you to remotely wipe all sensitive information with the click of mouse.   Whenever shopping for Cell Phone Spy Software, be careful to make sure the software has the surveillance tools you need to get the answers you’re looking for.  Although you do not necessarily need all of the features listed above, ideally you will select a sophisticated platform like Android or iPhone Spy in that Cell Phone Spy Software includes most, if not all, of them.


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