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Cutting Edge Apps for your Windows Phone

Virtually everyone has a smartphone! In fact, it’s taboo if you’re living in this era of major technological advancements without one. While smartphones are attractive for many reasons, apps are now one of the major reasons people choose one smartphone over another.

Microsoft, a powerhouse in consumer electronics and personal computer manufacturing, is one of the many large corporations promoting the use of apps, especially on their Windows Phone. If you have a Windows Phone, regardless of the model, here are some cutting edge apps you have to download and install today:


Apps For Windows Phone

OneDrive (Sky Drive app)

What is it?

The name(s) are fitting for the functionality of this app. Sky Drive allows you to store your files – including software, videos, pictures, audio etc – on the cloud. Since this location allows you to put all your eggs appropriately in one basket, OneDrive fittingly captures the essence of this cloud storage technology. In fact, all of Microsoft’s cloud efforts fall under OneDrive.

Why you should install OneDrive

Virtually everything you’re accustomed to doing on your computer can be done from this app. Since OneDrive app works well with Microsoft Office, you can create, edit and manage all your documents from this location. Simply upload your doc to OneDrive on your computer and access it anywhere in the world on your smartphone.

OneDrive Windows Phone App

With the calendar functionality on OneDrive, maintain a balance schedule and never miss an important event. Not only is this app great for being productive in the office and at school, but it’s useful just for the sake of having fun. Upload all your videos, audios and pictures to take where ever you go. With OneDrive Windows Phone app, all your favorite items are in one place whenever you need them.


News app

What is it?

The News app keeps you up-to-date with ‘what’s in the news’ and current affairs, ranging from the political news alerts to alerts about the newest gadget release.

Why you should install the News app

A popular idiom states that ‘knowledge is power’. This is exactly what this app gives you. Use your Windows Phone to access all the latest happenings and releases in the varying industries which keep you from being the odd man out in any worldly conversation.

Instead of hearing about a newly released gadget from your friends, get everything from the news app on your smartphone and be the one dishing the new info. It’s easy to use and travels with you anywhere in the world, like all apps of course.


Netflix Windows Phone App

What is it?

The Netflix app is the on demand app that permits media streaming, namely of awesome shows and videos. With this app, get your favorite content anytime with a simple download and sign up.

Why you should install the Netflix Windows Phone app

Instead of searching tirelessly for a movie or TV show on YouTube (or any other website), the Netflix app is the ideal alternative. With the application downloaded on your Windows phone, you can stream movies with mobility, instead of being confined to your laptop or TV. Videos, when pirated or streamed on YouTube, are often poor in quality.

Netflix Windows Phone App

However, the Netflix app delivers an attractive interface along with plenty of high definition (HD) content right to your phone. Another incredible feature of the Netflix app is that it allows you to watch movies and TV shows instantly, at anytime, and as often as you like. Furthermore, the app is ideal for catching up with reruns or back-to-back episodes. You know those stories of people watching an entire season of a show in one weekend. This is how they do it, with Netflix.


Advanced English Dictionary app

What is it?

The Advanced English Dictionary app is a mobile dictionary that goes wherever you do. It’s fast, effective and gives you the definition and correct spelling of the word you need so you don’t look like an idiot.

Why you should install Advanced English Dictionary app

If you’re excited about learning new words as they’re spoken, you need to get this app. With great mobility and ease of use, the Advanced English Dictionary app has a predictive feature which assists you along the way as you type a selected word.

Advanced English Dictionary Windows Phone App

This feature is pretty neat since it aids in situations where you do not know the correct spelling of a word. What is more exciting about this app is that it provides audio with US and UK pronunciation. Struggling with pronunciation? This app can save you from a few embarrassing moments.

Not only does the Advanced English Dictionary app provide the meaning of a searched word, but it highlights the different parts of speech and situations in which the word is appropriately used. Another outstanding feature of the app is its picture gallery and its power to keep you reading. It’s that addictive! The app provides a ‘Relation’ feature which outlines synonyms, antonyms and the etymology of the searched term or word.

With these cutting edge apps installed on your Windows Phone, you can leave your PC computer home but still have access to what you love. With these apps, mobility and entertainment has just gotten simpler.


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  1. Avatar for Sandeep Kale

    I agree with ‘Irked by Bad Spelling’. A dictionary app is definitely a must for smartphone users. Thanks for your post.

  2. Avatar for Sandeep Kale

    Was considering getting a windows phone, articles like these help with that decision. I like the areas that were covered too – Netflix for a bit (or a lot) of entertainment and the dictionary app so people can still get a lil education every now and then.

    • Avatar for Sandeep Kale
      Samantha Williamas

      Hi Devaro,

      You should definitely try getting one of those Windows Phone. They are pretty sweet on apps, and they run quite smoothly. I’m a huge fan of Windows devices, including the Windows Phone so it was just too easy writing about the apps because I personally use them.

  3. Avatar for Sandeep Kale
    Irked by Bad Spelling

    A dictionary app – even if not this particular one – should definitely be a recommended download for all smartphone users in this day and age. The fact that the phones are smarter doesn’t mean that all communication sent from them automatically is as well. Good on you to include one of these “old-fashioned” apps in your list:)!

    • Avatar for Sandeep Kale
      Samantha Williamas

      Hahahahahah. Ah man. ‘Irked by bad spelling’ you seem like one of those individuals I’d have to consider when writing. I’d definitely have to be on my Ps and Qs when writing. Glad you liked the article!

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