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Free GPRS For IDEA Cellular : Free Idea GPRS Tricks

Free GPRS For IDEA Cellular! Sure why not; it is possible. Just Try this trick for accessing Free GPRS for IDEA Cellular using Opera Mini v3.1.7196 Latest Version. Just take care that you are using Opera Mini v3.1.7196 Latest Version.

Free GPRS For IDEA Cellular

Free GPRS For IDEA Cellular

If anybody getting anything without paying single bug that is at free of cost than who will say no for that ? Here is same for Idea GPRS that is now you can access Idea Cellular’s GPRS at free of cost with the help of Opera Mini Version 3.10.

Check following trick to get it done and access free GPRS for IDEA. May be this free GPRS trick will help you out and give you free in access of internet over your mobile.


How To Get Free GPRS For IDEA Cellular

Requirement for Getting Free GPRS For Idea

Opera Mini v3.1.7196 Latest Version.


Opera Settings For Getting Free GPRS For Idea

  1. Goto Setting-> Connection-> Access Point-> New Access Point with this setting
  2. Connection Name-> Free GPRS
  3. Data Bearer-> GPRS
  4. Access Point Name-> Field is Empty
  5. User Name-> Field is Empty
  6. Prompt Password-> No
  7. Password-> Field is Empty
  8. Authentication-> Normal
  9. Homepage-> Field is Empty
  10. Advanced Setting
  11. Phone IP Address-> Auto
  12. Primary Name Server->
  13. Second. Name Server->
  14. Proxy Server Address-> Field is Empty
  15. Proxy Port Number-> Field is Empty
  16. Goto Setting-> Connection-> GPRS
  17. GPRS Connection-> When Needed
  18. Access Point-> internet (Small Letter)
  19. And Restart The Phone.


So this is how you can achieve free GPRS on your mobile. I’m not sure that this tricks will help all of you but should help most of you for free GPRS. But this tricks successfully helped me out, for getting free GPRS for Idea network.

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