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High Speed Mobile Internet Provider

Now a day there are various mobile internet provider available but among them we need to choose which is the high-speed internet provider for mobile. First see what is exactly internet speed,

What Is Internet Speed

Internet speed is, how many bytes of data your Internet connection can transfer per second.  More over, Internet speed can be categorized into two types

1) Upstream

Upstream refers to uploading material, such as email attachments, pictures etc.


2) Downstream

Downstreaming consists of downloading materials, like websites, videos etc.



Just discuss about latest speed available for mobile internet and then choose who is best for you. But in common observation found that all networks are giving only 3-50 kbps speed among them Reliance and BSNL is fast as compare to the other networks. Here is the list of what internet providers are giving in general


What Speed Mobile Internet Provide Provides

Reliance logo

  • Download speed : Up to 30-35 kbps
  • Unlimited plan: Indian rupee 107 for 14days
  • Limited plans: Indian rupee 99 for 1month ( Up to 3 GB ) , Indian rupee 51 for 15 day’s ( Up to 1 GB )




  • Download speed : Up to 30-35 kbps
  • Note: Some time it will be up to 40 kbps
  • Unlimited plans:  Indian rupee 249 for 1month, Indian rupee20 for 1day
  • Limited plan: There are many limited plans available please contact Customer care



Tata Docomo logo

  • Download speed : Up to 15-20 kbps
  • Unlimited plans : Not available.
  • Limited Plans : Indian rupee 95 for 1 month (Up to 6 GB ) , Indian rupee 48 for 15 day’s (Up to 1 GB ) ,  Indian rupee 15 for 1 week ( Up to 500 MB )



airtel new logo


  • Download speed : Up to 10-20 kbps
  • Unlimited plans : Not available
  • Limited plans : Indian rupee 98 for 1 month ( Up to 2 GB )



Aircel Logo

  • Download speed : Up to 2-8 kbps only
  • Unlimited plan : Indian rupee 98 for 1 month , Indian rupee 14 for 3 day’s , Indian rupee 5 for 1 day

Note: This internet speed observation or plans available in Tamilnadu only.

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