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HTC One SV First Look

HTC One SV! HTC has announced a new smartphone for the 4G market, a new brother to its One S. The release date has not yet been announced and while writing this, all we know is that a 4G phone is on the way to the U.K.

HTC has given some specifications of the HTC One SV phone, but we will know about its functionality only when it is unveiled.


HTC One SV Preview


Until then, we have a few weeks to sleep on the HTC One SV specs to be announced. Although the specifications don’t appeal much, this mid-range phone might catch on if sold at a competitive price.


HTC One SV Preview

HTC One SV Design

There are some changes in the HTC One SV gradient uni-body design that HTC usually sticks to, which have made the phone, look a bit different and cool.

  • HTC One SV’s  edges are more rounded and the camera is smaller.
  • The design looks pretty cool and it comes in blue and white colors.
  • A 4-inch Super LCD 2 screen delivering a resolution of 480x800p, replaces the AMOLED screen its big brother, One S, has.
  • It will have Beats Audio, which might convince some to buy the phone.


HTC One SV Technical Specs

  • HTC One SV will run on a dual-core 1.2GHz Snapdragon processor with a built-in storage capacity of 8GB.
  • There’s an SD card slot to enable you to extend the storage capacity to 32GB.
  • It runs on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich instead of Jelly Bean, much to our disappointment.
  • It is powered by a 1,800mAh battery.
  • It will have a 5MP rear camera and a 1.6MP front facing camera. The big camera that was found in One S is shrunken and the camera and the LED flash are placed in a small black oval at the back.

HTC One SV Rare Camera

  • As most other smartphones do, it supports NFC and Bluetooth. As it is meant to be powered by an LTE carrier, we guess that EE might offer the phone.
  • As it will run on an LTE 4 network, we can expect to have superfast internet browsing and video streaming.
  • The camera can be used to shoot videos with a resolution of 1080p with f/2.0. Also you can take high resolution photos while shooting HD video.

HTC One SV High Res photo while HD video

  • It also brings with it HTC Sync Manager, a feature that will help you synchronize your music and movie content over other devices.

Although we can’t expect a Samsung Galaxy S3-like quality, the specs tell that it won’t be a big disappointment.


HTC One SV First Look Video


HTC One SV Launch Date

The company has just announced that the HTC One SV phone will be launch in a few weeks, but there are rumors that the release date is January 2nd 2012.

So, those who’re waiting to start the New Year with a new phone could sit tight until HTC finally releases it. HTC might also surprise us by releasing it before Jan 2nd.


HTC One SV Launch Expected Price

The price for HTC One SV is expected to be around £350, but again we need to wait till the launch. The company has already started taking pre-orders on their website.


HTC One SV Launch Expected Market

If HTC announces a Jelly Bean update in the future, it might push up the sales. It has already been announced that Asia and Australia will receive it and HTC One SV’s third visit is to the U.K.

As the specs are close to the One VX offered by AT & T, we are not certain if the HTC One SV phone will enter the U.S market.


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