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iPhone 5s – A Closer Look to Main Features

iPhone is back again with its newly launched iPhone 5s. Apple’s iPhone is considered to be one of the most anticipated and highly looked-forward smart phone in the world. Whether you like or dislike apple, but you got to agree with the fact that iPhone gave a new dimension the way we use our phone and at one time was the only phone one could think of buying.

The new iPhone 5S comes with some outstanding features, which includes; twice faster processor (the M7 motion co-processor), Touch ID, 64-bit architecture and the most clever iSight camera.


iPhone 5s Main Features


As for the design is concerned, the previous model iPhone 5 was launched last year with 4 inch display and a diamond cut aluminum body. Following the same trend; the latest iPhone 5s will actually deceive you in the first look since it appears somehow the other just like iPhone 5 with a few changes in the color option.

iPhone 5s Design

The device will give a very sleek and elegant look and when held in hands, will give a very solid feeling weighing just 112g. We are sure holding a iPhone 5s will truly depict how professionally its body has been engineered, but a little drawback we feel are its diamond cut edges. Had they been more rounder, it would have been easy to hold it for long with increased grip.



The display of the new iPhone is somewhat the similar as that of its predecessor i.e. a 4inch diagonal (1136x640p) retina resolution.

iPhone 5s DISPLAY

Without any doubt the display is bright and beautiful but with the increased number of large screens offered by competitors in the market , this will definitely raise a question for the buyer seeking relatively larger screen, whether to go for an iPhone or ……!

Its just not Apple’s style, making large screen phones like Galaxy Note and HTC one. However there is no harm in trying for one. Many of the smartphone consumers in India now prefer large screen smartphones which not only provide them better user experience but also helps them manage things better on a large screen.



The most noticeable feature you will find on your new iPhone 5s is its Touch ID finger print scanner which is fixed directly in its home button.

iPhone 5s TOUCH ID

Basically the purpose is to make your handsets more protected by making it convenient for the users to lock their devices. The pass- code can be accessed via built-in finger print sensor with back up storage of 5 finger prints.



The camera on the new iPhone includes a large sensor and much bigger lens which comes with a dual led flash, it makes the pictures more brighter and vibrant. Its low light performance is even better too.

iPhone 5s CAMERA

The credit goes to the M7 co-processor which allows iPhone 5s to take faster pictures than its forerunners. The new iPhone comes with an 8 megapixel camera, but don’t worry Apple has come up with all those brilliant softwares that will make the pictures look simply great!


iPhone 5s Other Specs

Among other specs we have Bluetooth 4.0, GPS and GLONASS for navigation, available in the following variants i.e.16, 32 or 64GB of built-in storage.

The new iPhone will be offered in three color options,which includes silver (just like its predecessor iPhone 5), space gray with black highlights on the top and bottom and of course the much anticipated, gold.
iPhone 5s is certainly a great effort from Apple but its true value is not yet known. We hope its makers come up with more diverse ways to gain something out of its M7 co-processor, the 64-bit support and iOS 7, if they do; we are quite sure this model will outshine.


iPhone 5s Unboxing Video



iPhone 5s price in India is around Rs 53,000. (Check Apple’s Office Site to know more about iPhone 5s)

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