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6 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Smartphone

Smartphone .. Nothing is that surprising these days is it? That thought rings especially true when it comes to technology so, if your smartphone was capable of driving you home after a rowdy night, giving you a soothing laser neck rub and sending flowers to your mum for her birthday (you forgot you drunkard!), you’d start downloading the appropriate app in two seconds flat wouldn’t you? I would too, only thing is we’re not quite there yet. Until then, you’ll have to settle for your smartphone performing these less elaborate but no less awesome functions.

Six Things You Didn't Know About Your Smartphone

Six Important Things About Your Smartphone

1. Smartphone becomes a wireless mouse and keyboard

It’s called Mobile Mouse Pro and it allows you to use your phone as a mouse and a keyboard. Exclusive to iOS devices, all you need to do is install a free app on your Mac or PC then download it to your iPhone, pair them on the same Wi Fi network and bang, you’re ready to go!

 2. Smartphone starts your car

Use your BlackBerry, Android or iPhone to remotely start up your car, Mr Bond. Install the Viper SmartStart security system in your vehicle then, when you connect using your smartphone and the system verifies you, the engine will purr to life with one easy click. The only legitimate reason why you’d want to do this is to impress a girl, though it is handy for pre heating your car engine in the winter too.

 3. Smartphone shows you your unborn child

Yes, really. A company called Mobisante created smartphone-powered ultrasound devices that they’ve started selling commercially after FDA approval. Simply hook up the microphone-looking ultrasound wand, plug it in via USB to your phone and voila! Say hi to your little unborn spawn child, or that pesky tumor.

4. Smartphone becomes a Wi Fi hotspot

Get a Wi Fi enabled phone and an app called JoikuSpot to turn your smartphone into a portable Wi Fi hotspot that others can connect to. It works best if you have an unlimited data plan and is ideal for conferences and meetings, where you can surf the internet on a laptop using your phone’s connection.

5. Smartphone helps blind people read

Using Nokia’s inventive Braille Reader and a Nokia touch screen phone, users are able to feel text messages as if they were on a sheet of Braille. Developed by a bunch of super brainiacs, in association with Nokia, the technology enables messages to be received then interpreted through tactile feedback. A great pioneering step.

6. Smartphone ruin your life and spy on you

Okay so this one isn’t awesome, but an Android developer recently discovered that an application called Carrier IQ has been built into most of our Android, BlackBerry and Nokia phones. Apparently it secretly records all kinds of data, including keystrokes, and sends it to an information bank for God knows what purpose. When Trevor Eckhart released a video exposing the clandestine software, the company shot back with a lawsuit intended to shut him up … and so the drama continues.

Now you will definitely say that these all Things I Didn’t Know About my Smartphone

Smart Phone

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