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Kuel F60Q Mobile Charger Pack Review

If you’re in the market for a battery charger with a lot of power, it may be time to look into the Kuel F60Q. Presented as a white brick, it definitely looks as powerful as it is with 6000 mAh.

Kuel F60Q Mobile Charger Battery Pack

To put things in perspective a bit, the actual Nexus battery is about 1850 mAh, so you’re getting over three times the power with the Kuel F60Q. The battery charger isn’t just limited to Nexus either–your friends can charge their Android or iPhone devices, too. Switch one on the pack can be used for Android devices while switch two can be used for Apple devices.

Kuel F60Q Mobile Charger Battery Pack

Kuel F60Q Mobile Charger Advantage

Just plug in your phone, click the switch on the battery pack and you’ll see the row of white lights flash on. Your phone should light up and notify you that it’s charging. You can also click the button on the side of the battery pack, which gives you an LED indicator of how much battery you have left. While the battery pack may look a little hefty, it’s surprisingly light when you hold it in your hands or throw it in your bag.

Kuel F60Q Mobile Charger Problem

The only problem with this accessory is its price. At $124, Kuel is definitely not presenting us with a deal for the bargain shopper. You can reason that three batteries (adding up to the amount of power in a Kuel Battery Pack) would cost about $120 total, however we still feel a bit cheated with the price.

The only way you can really justify this purchase is if you’re going to be away from electronics for a significant amount of time or if you’re using a lot of battery, like if you’re out in the wilderness using a heavy amount of GPS. For those of use who remain indoors, we may give the Kuel F60Q a second thought before splurging on this accessory.

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