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Mobile Evolution

These days we are all available at the touch of a button whether it be by text, email, Blackberry Messenger or just a call on a mobile, but mobile phones have come a long way since they were first introduced. Check out the mobile evolution:

motorola dynatac 8000x 3u8 460

Released onto the market in 1984, this Motorola DynaTAX 8000x was the first hand-held mobile phone. With no messaging capabilities, it was primarily used by young professionals who were “buying and selling” on the move due to economic boom in the 1980’s.


Mobile Evolution

Prior to the 1990’s, phones were only available on the 1G network meaning that they only had the capability to transfer calls from one site to the next.

nokia 1011

However, with the launch of of the Nokia 1011 in 1992 on the new 2G network, phones were smaller and weighed less as batteries and technologies were improved. This phone was able to send text messages and the first person to person text was sent in Finland in 1993.

moto startac 1

Looking like something out of Star Trek, the Motorola StarTac made us ask ourselves “to flip or not to flip?” This was the first phone of its kind and in 2005 was voted by PC World as number 6 in the 50 greatest gadgets of the past 50 years. Approximately 60 million StarTac’s were sold and it features in the film 8mm with Nicholas Cage.

nokia 5110

Thought of as the first fashion phone with its interchangeable faceplate, it was also the first Nokia model to include the “snake” game. It was available from 1998 to 2001 as was a version of the business model 6110 but the 5110 lacked the infra-red port.

The 2G network went on to be used for 10 years until people wanted more from their phones. Businessmen wanted a desk away from the office and so the 3G network was developed.

Nokia 6630

In 2004, Nokia released its first dual mode, tri-band phone meant that it was usable in Europe, Asia and the Americas as well as Japan. It has an email application, the ability to to play MP3 and AAC at full quality and video calling, but this is not widely used. Marketed as the Nokia 6630, the phone was nicknamed Charlie during its development.

Blackberry 8700f

The Blackberry (BB) changed the way we think of mobile phones. Manufactured by Research in Motion (RIM) and using is own operating system, Blackberry OS, it commands a 14.8% share of the smartphone market. Users are able to surf mobile web, check emails, contact other BB users using Blackberry Messenger (BBM) and use it as a portable music player. Used by President Barack Obama during his presidential campaign, it has been seen as a “celebrity endorsement” which is estimated to be worth between $25 and $50 million.

iphone 2g

Apple’s iPhone was first released in 2007 and during 2011, the 5th generation iPhone is to be released. Using touch screen only, users can browse the web, use FaceTime (video calling with other iPhones) and sync it with their iTunes library. Users can also download “apps” from the app store and as of July 2011, over 15 billion apps have been downloaded since 2008. Although many users complain about battery life and only being able to run one application at a time, they are still glued to their hand!

Mobile phones have transformed massively over the years to include technologies such as Bluetooth, Broadband like functionality and integrated mp3 players. Ensure that you have the best deals, compare mobile broadband online at

Mobile Phones

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