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How Mobile Phones Features Helps Disabled People

For most people a mobile phones has become an indispensable accessory. Mobile phones nowadays can do so much more than simply make and receive calls.

The iPhone for example allows the user to browse the net, listen to music, download hundreds of useful applications, take photos and videos as well as sending and receiving texts.

How Mobile Phones Features Helps Disabled People

People all over the world are doing their shopping on their phones, booking flights, buying furniture, clothes, books – the list goes on. A lot of people now take these features for granted but for some people, the features available on the latest mobile phones are simply too much.

People with certain disabilities as well as the elderly often benefit from easy to use mobile phones, maybe big button mobile phones or more simple mobile phones. Check out more basic features for mobile phones you should have.


Mobile Phones Features Help Disabled People

Big Button Mobile Phones

Lesser able and older people for example would benefit from a big button mobile phone that would reduce the risk of dialing an incorrect number by accident. Some mobile phones only offer a small amount of buttons which can be used to call pre stored numbers of children or cares for example.


Mobile Phones For The Hearing Impaired

Some easy to use mobile phones cater for a range of disabilities. For example people with hearing impairments can benefit from the mobile phone technology by getting a mobile phone that is hearing aid/cochlear implant compatible to be used or have an extra loud-speaker. A strong vibrating feature would also benefit the hearing impaired.


Mobile Phones For People With Visual Impairments

For people with visual impairments there is an easy to use mobile phone that has a very bright back screen to facilitate use and a talking keypad. Again a big button mobile phone can help the visually impaired person to dial the number they need without risking calling someone else by mistake.

For people who are at risk of falling and injuring themselves or suffering sudden illness. An easy to use phone can also incorporate an emergency button that can be easily pressed in the case of emergency.


A lot of the easy to use mobile phones are available in black with white writing in order for the necessary numbers and letters to stand out. The vibrating feature is excellent for the hard of hearing, the strong back light is good for those with failing eyesight.

And the big button mobile phones are perfect for those who are a little less able. Touch screen technology can also benefit a disabled mobile phone user as it requires no strength and can also use voice recognition to contact people or send texts and emails.


Disability awareness has come a long way over recent years, including by the mobile phones ‘ manufacturers which have benefited disabled people enormously.

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