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Nokia Lumia Vs HTC Titan – Same Looking Phone But with A Difference

Nokia Lumia 900 Vs HTC Titan II – There is always difference the two same design phones. So, there is difference between the two famous phones called Nokia Lumia 900 and HTC Titan II.

At first look both are same but as you go deeper with various specifications and all there is a lot of difference between the two. Both has same storage and Ram, so distinction cannot be made on them. (If you are interested in Android Mobiles read 5 Cheap Android Phones 2012)


Nokia Lumia Vs HTC Titan - Same Looking Phone But with A Difference



Nokia Lumia 900 Vs HTC Titan II

Difference due to Design

  • The Nokia Lumina is more flat in comparison to Titan which gives Nokia a stylish look and liked by almost all people around.
  • Even the body used in Nokia is smooth which will look nice when it is in hands and also is more comfortable. But Titan’s body is not that much flat as of Nokia, it is slightly curved .
  • The screen of both the phones differs a lot. Titan has 4.7 super-LCD screens which is quite big and can help to view application quite good. Here as the screen is large enough the screen looks very bright and natural which is also very good in use. But Nokia is far better than that as it has 4.3 AMOLED screens.
  • It has clear Black glass touch screen which gives it a good look and also make it very efficient to use. Even though the Nokia has brighter and richer colors than Titan and so the things look very clear .
  • In Nokia the buttons are only on the right side so that it is very easy to use. But in Titan the buttons are placed on the right and also on the top which sometimes creates great confusion for the new user.


Hardware and Software Differences

They both differ in terms of hardware also.

  • The Nokia has slower CPU in comparison with the Titan. These fast CPU is very useful and so Titan proves to be good.
  • The main difference between both can be made on the basis of camera .So, the one using. Titan has a 16 mp, 28mm camera with f2.6 lens which will give more clarity than Nokia. Nokia has 8mp camera which is good but not better than Titan. So, the one who is fond of clicking pictures should go with Titan instead of Nokia.
  • It is lighter than Nokia even though it is large in design. So, it is very lightweight to use.
  • The one thing which is also considered while going for any particular phone is the battery life. Nokia always has high battery life in comparison with any other mobile and so it is true in this case also. Nokia has good battery than Titan. Nokia has speaker at bottom while Titan at back, which does not make much difference.


Nokia Lumia 900 Vs HTC Titan II Other Differences Which Also Matters

Titan has the LED indicator which will help you to get alert when there are missed calls or messages or when kept on charging which is not present in Nokia. This feature is very useful as it does not create any disturbances only indicator will tell us about some notifications.

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