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How To Optimize WordPress Website For Mobile or Smartphones

This article will explain how to optimize WordPress website for mobile. Smartphones have become one of the greatest gadgets to possess in this century. With over millions of people owning a Smartphone, it has switched from a bucket list device to a device in the grocery list.

Moreover, people globally have started preferring Smartphones and cell phones to access the internet. So, having understood the potential of such gadgets and their usage, it is essential as bloggers for us to have a mobile friendly WordPress website, specifically WordPress.

Optimize WordPress Website For Mobile or Smartphones

WordPress and Smartphones are the two entities that have a massive reach. An absence on either will relatively lead to a downfall. So, whether you are an affiliate, an internet marketer, a professional writer or just a casual blogger, it is mandatory that you optimize  WordPress website for mobile versions. And, if you are unsure of how to do that, keep reading to learn more.



Optimize WordPress Website for Mobile

A WordPress website can be optimized for mobile viewership in two possible ways – By Using..

  • WordPress Plug-ins
  • WordPress Themes

Here are given some of the best services from both, so that it is easier for you to implement it on your WordPress website instantly.



1) Using Plug-ins For WordPress Website

WordPress Mobile Pack

This plug-in is one of the leading and popular tool to make your WordPress website mobile friendly. It offers compatibility to various versions of WordPress from 2.5.1 to the latest 3.0.

Some of the notable features of the plug-in include a switcher feature that asks whether the viewer wishes to view a mobile version or the desktop version of the WordPress website, a smart device adaptation, a Smartphone analytic and some administrative features. With over 400,000 downloads, this has become one of the best mobilizing plug-ins for WordPress.

Download WordPress Mobile Pack


WordPress Mobile Detector

This plug-in has the ability to differentiate between a standard mobile phone and a Smartphone and display a corresponding version of your WordPress Website. Also, it supports over five thousand devices and can adapt to different screens seamlessly.

Some of the other features of this plug-in include the presence of seven pre-loaded themes, ability to resize and format the images according to the screen type and an analytics service. With over 100,000 hits, this plug-in can be used to optimize your WordPress website as well.

Download WordPress Mobile Detector


Some of the other popular mobilizing plug-ins to optimize WordPress website for mobile



2) Using Optimized Themes to Optimize WordPress Website for Mobile

Installing responsive WordPress themes is the other best way to optimize your WordPress website for mobile compatibility and here are some of the top themes for your WP.

i Feature WordPress Theme

i Feature is a mobile theme for your WordPress Website and is extremely easy to handle and operate. The theme mainly focuses on iOS devices and offers a responsive like theme that automatically adjusts the page size and width to match different screen types such as iPad and the iPhone.

With over 300,000 downloads, the theme offers several customization options and added features.


Weaver 2 WordPress Theme

Weaver 2 is one of the best mobile themes to add to your WordPress Website. Regardless of whether you are a professional web designer or a casual blogger with inadequate technical knowledge, operating and using this theme is just simple.

It has been rightly named weaver as it allows you to weave the WordPress Website for yourself through a series of simple processes. It starts off with a parent theme then allows you to make minute changes and complete specify the way you would want the WordPress website to look on a Smartphone. Highly recommended!


Some of the other notable responsive and mobile themes include

Download Twenty Eleven Theme

Download Responsive Theme


So, these are some of the themes and Plug-ins to make your WordPress Website go mobile! And, if you have any other helpful plug-ins or themes which you  think are useful to optimize WordPress website for mobile then share them with us via comments below.

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