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4 Popular Trends In Mobile Gadgets

Mobile gadgets are the present and the future of communication on the move. It seems like practically everyone over the age of 12 has at least one mobile gadget.

Each year we see different trends in mobile gadgets which indicate what could potentially happen in the future. Let’s examine four of the most popular trends from 2013 to see what awaits us in the field of mobile gadgets.

Mobile Gadgets Trends

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Popular Trends In Mobile Gadgets

1. eBook Readers Down

Dedicated eBook readers like the Kindle are declining in popularity. Tablets can support eBooks so it takes away much of what the eBook reader has to offer. You have to carry fewer gadgets and you can switch between features with ease. Whilst they’re down, it isn’t the end for eBook readers.

It merely means developers will have to target the hardcore audience. After all, eBook readers still have the advantage of having a superior charge and being much smaller than a tablet.


2. Apple Losing Steam

Apple invented both the tablet and the smartphone and has been known for innovation. Whilst its products continue to dominate in terms of sales, it doesn’t do as well in the ratings. Users aren’t happy with the lack of innovation from Apple. The iPhone5 is a prime example of a product which has very little of note, when compared to its previous incarnations.

The ratings say Apple’s models aren’t offering anything new. Android, on the other hand, are getting high ratings. Whilst it hasn’t meant much at the moment, it could potentially influence sales figures over the next few years.


3. Battery life Going Up

Battery life was a real problem a few years ago. Smartphones and tablets wouldn’t last throughout the working day. It’s still easy to drain a battery in a few hours if you really want to, but with the models coming out today you can keep them switched on all day without coming close to having them switch themselves off.

This general trend is quite significant. People who still have models from two years ago should consider upgrading as the difference between the models of then and those of today is vast.


4. Sound Still Sucks

To put it simply, no mobile gadget has yet to improve their sound. They boast built-in speakers and there are plenty of commercials talking about enhanced sound, but it’s still terrible by modern standards. The sound still doesn’t capture the proper bass and tone of various songs and sound effects.

Users who want to take advantage of their mobile gadgets must use speakers they can plug in. The trend doesn’t look like it’s going to change any time soon. Each of the new innovations appears to do almost nothing to alter the situation.


Final Words About Mobile Gadgets Trends

Overall, these trends aren’t necessarily good things. Many of them highlight the fundamentals which still aren’t up to our standards. It shows developers should be working more on solving existing problems rather than spending all their time on implementing new functions and making minute changes to the camera.

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