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Is it the right time to Build A Windows Phone App?

There is a lot of speculation going on about the Windows Phone application development. This article highlights why creating apps for windows phone can be really beneficial. It identifies the key points that are helpful while creating apps for this platform and discusses the best features.

The market is abuzz with the newest kid on the block, the Windows Phone. Windows phone has met with a response. People love its look and feel. A number of industry experts swear by its user friendliness. However, one question that plagues the minds of the business owners is, “Is it the right time to enter into Windows Phone Application Development?”


Right Now Windows Phone App Dev Is Best Decision


Well, if you ask me, never better. This is the first phase of the growth of this new technology. What this means is, by the time the second phase sets in, you will have already set your feet firmly in the ground, thereby getting an edge over all the late bloomers. Let us find out a few important reasons why venturing in this direction now is the best decision.


Right Now Windows Phone App Dev Is Best Decision

Specific And Precise App Requirements

Most App marketplaces have more subjective and unclear specifications so as to what will make it to the app store. For instance, Apple suggests that the iPhone apps should be creative and genuine.

But creative by what parameter? This is where Windows Phone application development scores a high. It gives very precise and clear instructions so as to what, by their standards, is the measuring parameter. They provide seven simple and basic requirements that that’s clear, very well-organized and very simple.

This ensures that you do not have to waste oodles of time simply gazing at the sky trying to figure out what your apps should include and what they should not. You can simply go through the guidelines and then determine the things you must keep in mind.


Laid back, Efficient Payments

It is a rare chance that you must have come across an app developer who is an accountant. More often than not, app developers are technical people who would hate to spend time calculating bills and taxation. They have no inclination towards banking charges and profit margins. This is why Windows Store payment process has been simplified to the bare basics.

It is a completely streamlined process. You don’t need to fuss with everything right from the beginning. You can peacefully finish your application development and then move on to the payment formalities.

In the eventuality that a developer is in fact inclined towards tracking the banking fundamentals from the beginning you can export the detailed payment data that can be graphed, charted, or otherwise handled.


Initial Publishing Free of Cost

A lot of app stores require the application owner to pay an annual fee. No matter how meagre the fee is, it is definitely a discouraging factor. However with a Windows Phone app store, there are many online avenues that give you memberships that enable you to publish your new application absolutely free.

It is completely understandable that, having to pay up even before you have put your app in the app store, can really discourage and make the builder feel all sullen. However with Windows phone, that should not be a problem anymore.



Practically usable User Experience Guidelines

Windows Phone
There are too many fish in the sea. Many interface guidelines provided by the ‘OTHER” fishes are more of a rant, than a guideline. They are simply there to mandate certain laws that probably we are not interested in. However, the Windows Store UX guidelines are so very supportive that you’ll probably never feel the need to go elsewhere for any details. The most predominant sources of information are:

Sources of information for Windows Phone App Development

  • EBooks,
  • Websites,
  • Podcasts,
  • Tutorials,

While creating apps for most other platforms, one is required to go through these mediums and channels in order to ensure that they get a good app. With the Windows App store, there are very specific guidelines which ensure that you get all the information that you want in order to ensure that you have genuinely creative app.

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