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Samsung Comes With Galaxy Player 4.2

Android Samsung Galaxy Player 4.2! – Android has competed with Apple in almost every line of technological invention except the famous iPod Touch. It is evident that people like gadgets which sub serves all the purpose of a cell phone except having a monthly data contract.


Samsung Galaxy Player 4.2


Keeping that in mind, Samsung has launched its newest Galaxy Player 4.2 which is now attainable for price $199.99.



Samsung Announces The Galaxy S 4.2 Media Player

Samsung Galaxy S 4.2 Media Player Basic Features

  • The Galaxy 4.2 is able to accommodate the 400,000 apps available on the Android market thanks to its 600-by 480, 4.2 inch LCD screen. Someone who knows a lot about Android phones will just consider this to be the 2009-era Galaxy phone minus the phone part.
  • The Samsung 4.2 player has a 2 mega pixel camera on the back and a VGA camera on the front for video chat.
  • There is present FM Radio, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS on the phone.
  • A single-core 1GHz processor complements the 8GB storage on board. Along with having all these amenities, there is also present a memory card slot which supports up to 32 GB.



Samsung Galaxy Player 4.2 Major factors

Galaxy Player 4.2 Operating System – Android 2.3 “Gingerbread”

Being easily carried in the packet, this music player runs on Android 2.3 “Gingerbread” (Android 2.3 Gingerbread Edition Details And Features) and doesn’t have any plans for an update. “Gingerbread” is the major choice for Galaxy S II and most of the Android phones; hence this version should be acceptable.


Galaxy Player 4.2 Major attribute – Bluetooth Functionality

A major attribute of this player is the Bluetooth functionality that is actually quite simple to operate. The player can function as a Bluetooth headset for a simpler phone. Connecting another simpler phone to the Player 4.2, the user will be able to make and receive calls on the phone.


Call Feature

This incorporating the call feature in the player 4.2 will automatically turn this baby into a smart phone like Samsung Galaxy S II.


Resolution And Speaker

The resolution on the 4.2 is amazing and with the front facing speakers, the user will want to show it off in the air by placing the player upward and attaining decent sound reception.


Music With Samsung Galaxy Player 4.2

Thanks to the Bluetooth technology, playing the music with other audio equipment wirelessly becomes easier as well.


Gaming With Samsung Galaxy Player 4.2

There is a also present a gyro censor inside for playing games. As mentioned earlier, the Samsung Galaxy Player 4.2 already has three games on it. FIFA 12, Need for Speed Hot Pursuit and the ad-free version of Angry Birds is already installed on the player.

Music With Samsung Galaxy Player 4.2


What Samsung Is Trying To Do With Galaxy Player 4.2

It isn’t the first time Samsung has tried to give something to its customers along the lines of a ‘phone-without-a-phone’ outlook. The previous year, Samsung Galaxy Player 4.0 came out but it didn’t really do as well as it hoped for.

Perhaps it was the $229.99 dollar price range or just the fact that people accustomed to the iPod Touch weren’t prepared for something similar by Android.



User Experience With Samsung Galaxy Player 4.2

  • As it’s compatible with all the android apps, the user will be able to enjoy popular apps like whatsapp, Facebook and Skype.
  • Along with the games, the user can make of all the apps and also keep their new Samsung 4.2 player safe with apps like Mobistealth’s Android Spy or GPS Tracking Pro to keep track of their device at all times.
  • With GPS technology, the player will be safe from being stolen or misplaced.


This is a decent gadget for all those already familiar with the Android OS. If you were once amazed by the iPod generations but like Android phones better, the Android Galaxy Player 4.2 of Samsung, might just be the right choice for you.


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