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Samsung Galaxy S III : The iPhone Exterminator?

Launched in late May, the Samsung Galaxy S III created a massive awareness among consumers and media agencies that were once attuned to the Apple iPhone magic.


Samsung Galaxy S III


Does the Samsung Galaxy S III Have What It Takes?

As a matter of fact, even before the Samsung Galaxy S III moves the iPhone 4S to the brink of desuetude, other smartphones are already tearing the flesh of the iPhone into pieces- just like the case of the HTC One X, that was even labeled as the phone ‘worthy of lusting after.’

This time, HTC One X shares that sobriquet with a Johnny-come-lately handset: Samsung Galaxy S III. I knew that even before the One X consummated its 15-minute long fame, another formidable would rush into the scene to deny iPhone the attention it had reserved for itself.

This is the exact reason why amid the roiling popularity of the HTC One X, I didn’t give it an iota of attention. Brand chauvinism I guess, but in the rarest of instances, I relied on my intuition.



Samsung Galaxy S III is the iPhone Exterminator?

So, the trending question today is- Can Samsung Galaxy S III be the ultimate iPhone exterminator? Technically, my answer to that question is a solid yes!

  • The phone has a 1.4GHz quad-core Exynos processor, in fact, the only one of its kind in the smartphone industry.
  • It runs on a very powerful operating system too, Google Android.

In a tightrope walk among fierce competitors, Samsung Galaxy S III might have to knock off and send its rivals plummeting into the pits of obsolescence.

The next question is how will Samsung do that? Regardless of its incredible power, can Samsung Galaxy S III be the tipping point of the tech company’s ambitions?



Samsung Galaxy S III Screen (4.8-inch, 720 x 1280-pixel touch display surface)

Churning out adjectives about the SAMSUNG S III won’t be difficult once you see, feel, and experience the mobile phone. Among the smorgasbord, ‘sleek’, ‘slim’, yet ‘large’ will certainly top your list.

If we do an eye-tracking experiment, the first one that draws your attention is the huge 4.8-inch, 720 x 1280-pixel touch display surface. You got that right, buddy- high definition!

Video-streaming Experience On Samsung Galaxy S III

No wonder, video-streaming is such a heavenly experience here. So how does Apple iPhone stack up with our protagonist? Truth is, Samsung Galaxy S III ’s display boasts 50% more pixels than that of the famous iPhone.

Although the iPhone has a comparatively smaller screen, the Samsung Galaxy S III still holds up a nice and smooth rendering of text, icons, and heavy graphics, thereby showing no visible signs of dead pixels or grainy pictures.

Samsung Galaxy S III ’s Super AMOLED display

As if that wasn’t enough, Samsung Galaxy S III ’s Super AMOLED display adds to the richness of colors, contrast, and brightness for outdoor viewing. Ironically, the Samsung Galaxy S III can be the ‘Apple of everybody’s eyes’ of today.




At face value, Samsung Galaxy S III is a prudently wielded machine, balancing the touches of minimalism and subliminal aesthetics at its outset. It has a silver trim around its soft edges, and can be mistaken as an antithesis to symbolic geometry- rough edges typify firmness and courage.

Relying on tactile sense alone, the Samsung Galaxy S III feels very feminine, without its heftiness being a liability. Which is pretty rational, however abstract the concept is. It’s marketing slogan speaks of it being ‘designed by humans’ and ‘inspired by nature.’

  • ‘Designed by humans’ – This is self-explanatory (redundant, even!).
  • ‘Inspired by nature’ – This tagline is fairly significant. Nature is associated with feminism- immensely because of its nurturing and life-giving qualities (Don’t get me started with men are destroyers!). Therefore, the soft edges really have some underlying dogma that cannot be abandoned.

Samsung Galaxy S III Model

  • The Samsung Galaxy S III has a physical ‘home’ button on the front, which is still very much the ‘status quo’ for current smartphones.
  • Of course, the volume rocker buttons are there on the left side and on the right is the power button.
  • The back can be a little bit of a turn off since it is made of polycarbonate plastic and can be detached to reveal a replaceable battery, micro SIM clot and micro SD memory card slot.

My opinion about its appearance isn’t as resplendent as I would have to opine about its power. In fact, the design looks cheap and truly cheaper smartphones can trample its ‘allure’ factor.

Indeed, an Samsung Galaxy S III purchase is a leap of faith at work- an unswerving belief in its spirit and not on its form. If there is a strong magnetic force attributed to its design, it’s probably the large screen that becomes the obvious focal point of the gizmo. And true enough, nothing else deserves unrelenting scrutiny from its users.



Samsung Galaxy S III : The iPhone Exterminator?



The quality of Samsung Galaxy S III ’s multitude of cool features is directly proportional to the clamor about its increasing popularity. Far from being an industry standard, Samsung calls the shots for intense game reformation. True in its sense, creativity can also recognize boundaries, and it doesn’t have to be a hard-sell among self-proclaimed innovators.

One of Samsung Galaxy S III ’s salient features is the face recognition that is not embedded in camera function, but rather cures the annoying screen light time-out of some standard phones. It’s called Smart Stay.

Basically, what you do is activate the setting and the phone is always watching you. As long as you directly look at your phone, the screen light won’t dim on you. This actually strikes a creepy chord among the people. Morphic resonance, I guess. You know; the feeling that someone is secretly watching you.

Of course, this is no magic. The front-facing camera is enabled to recognize a ‘human’ face (I’m unsure about this) so that the screen will stay lit and will not go dark. The benefit is crystal-clear for people who are used to reading long documents and slacking while checking his or her email. This avoids the incessant pawing on the screen to keep it well-lit.

Let’s check How To Activate Face Unlock Samsung Galaxy S III (Face Recognition Example)

  1. Go in Menu
  2. Tap On Settings
  3. Enter in Security
  4. Check Out Screen Lock Option
  5. Tap on Face unlock
  6. Tap on Set it up
  7. Select appropriate option and tap on Continue.
  8. Take your snap
  9. Set Face unlock security level and activate for screen lock by pressing OK button.

You can phone’s set screen lock or unlock function using your face snap.


Early reviews on review forums and online discussion boards talk about its inefficiency especially when you have to read in the dark, as the camera won’t detect your face.

That wrap up our discussion about Samsung Galaxy S III. What do you think? Can it really exterminate iPhone?

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