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What’s The Difference Between Samsung Galaxy S4 And Sony Xperia Z?

Samsung Galaxy S4 And Sony Xperia Z, these two phones have come into direct conflict with each other. They’re similar and they’re both aiming for the same market.

We’ve gotten hold of each of them and picked them apart. It’s unlikely we’ll get a clear winner here, but at least we’ll have a better idea of what each phone is best at. It’s up to you to decide which phone is the ideal phone for you.


Samsung Galaxy S4 And Sony Xperia Z

Screens and Graphics

The screens themselves are practically the same. They’re both five inches and have the same maximum resolution of 1080p. The difference is in the graphics and the way you see things.

Samsung Galaxy S4 And Sony Xperia Z

The Sony Xperia Z has been defeated by the Samsung Galaxy S4’s Super AMOLED screen. It makes a big difference because it enhances the contrast and the colour saturation. The Samsung offers additional options for adjusting the colour saturation using the Adobe RGB function.

It doesn’t mean the Sony Xperia Z is necessarily bad. It still has a very high picture viewing and video playback quality. The differences won’t be noticed by anyone but the people who put a high priority on the graphical quality of a phone.


Samsung Galaxy S4 And Sony Xperia Z Look and Feel

Sony Xperia Z Look and Feel

The Sony Xperia Z, like its previous incarnations, has continued with its high standards of design. The glass cover on the front and back makes the phone seem high-end. There’s a layer of rubber around the edges to protect it from harm. It carries an IP57 certification. To you and us, the certification means dust and water won’t wreck your phone.


Another interesting fact is the Sony Xperia Z can be dropped in water and left there for 30 minutes before it starts to take on water.


There’s a non-removable glass protector on the back of the phone. It makes it impossible to change the battery without taking it to a repairperson. It doesn’t do a good job of dealing with fingerprints, and there are very few options for customizing the look of your phone.


Samsung Galaxy S4 Look and Feel

This smartphone design uses plastic with a Hyper-glazed sheen. It looks similar to the Sony Xperia Z except the glass is actually plastic. It’s followed roughly the same look of the Galaxy S3, which was praised for its design.


You can remove the back and replace the battery by yourself. It’s a lighter phone than the Galaxy S3 and it has exactly the same 7.9mm thickness of the Sony Xperia Z. There are very few differences when it comes to aesthetics.


Whilst Samsung hasn’t really innovated in its design with this phone, it isn’t a bad thing. There was nothing wrong with previous designs, so if something isn’t broken why bother changing it? In terms of overall feel, it doesn’t seem like the Samsung really has the same high-end feel of Sony’s creation.


What’s Good about Samsung Galaxy S4 And Sony Xperia Z?

In keeping with typical phone design features, both are very thin and lightweight. They both offer a five-inch screen with full HD capabilities. The quality level is very high and they both look as if they can stand up to quite a bit of punishment.

For a smartphone, the Sony Xperia Z presents a high-end feel which is normally only present within the world of the iPhone. It’s good at defending against dust and water. It also comes with FM radio, which is something the Samsung Galaxy S4 doesn’t have. The Sony Xperia Z has a good interface which is easy to get to grips with. This durable phone would make a great addition to anybody’s pocket.


The Samsung Galaxy S4 brings a new processor which is more powerful than ever before. It’s come complete with lots of sensors, such as a thermometer. These sensors give it more usability. If you use your camera regularly, you’ll love this phone because it comes with a 9.6 megapixel camera with image capture and double video recording. The screen itself has superior colour rendering, contrast, and more viewing angles.


Samsung Galaxy S4 And Sony Xperia Z Final Words

Each phone has excelled in different areas. To determine the best phone for you really depends on what you intend to do with your phone. For general use the Sony Xperia Z is better, but for regular camera uses we would recommend the Samsung Galaxy S4.


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