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What Features Makes Samsung GALAXY S4 Winner Against iPhone?

After much hype in the media Samsung GALAXY S4 is finally out and would be available for the sale for the smartphone users. As per the experts and reviewers over the web and other media, it seems to be better than the iPhone including the latest one iPhone 5 in many ways.

The Samsung GALAXY S4 is a power packed device, which has embarked with the latest software features and modern hardware. It comes with a camera of 13 megapixels backed by eye tracking technology.

Samsung Galaxy S4 And iPhone

You could even use this phone without actually touching its screen. Hence comparing with iPhone 5 or its other versions could be futile since the phones from Apple fail to hold the candle while comparing with Samsung GALAXY S4.

So, in many ways, Samsung GALAXY S4 could be called as one of the best smartphones in the year 2013. Now let’s check some of features, which make Samsung GALAXY S4 a winner against the iPhone device() in the following paragraphs.


Samsung GALAXY S4 ‘s Winner Features

It features better screen

Samsung has come up with an all together new super AMOLED element in its latest Samsung GALAXY S4, which the company calls it as a Full HD Super AMOLED. It gives you crystal clear videos and images with an incredible 1920 by 1080 resolution backed by 441 PPI as its pixel density.

Though the iPhone in its latest version comes up with Retina display technology, however, comparing it with Samsung GALAXY S4 make the iPhone 5 device far behind in terms of high end phone screen rendering.


Superior screen real estate

The number simply speaks a lot about Galaxy S 4, which is among the prominent feature that Apple presently cannot think of refuting with its latest iPhone devices. Though tech experts were singing tunes of the iPhone 4 bigger size screens by calling it immersive in nature.

Samsung Galaxy S4 And iPhone Screen

However, looking at the five inches screen of Galaxy S 4 device, Samsung is certainly going to corner Apple in this feature. By having a big size screen can help you in getting a wider and better viewing pleasures, which make the iPhone 5 and even look smaller and obsolete.


High end camera features

Again you have a number game, which is being won by Samsung. The Samsung GALAXY S4 comes with 13 megapixel sensor, which is more than enough to overshadow the latest iPhone devices, which carries only 8 megapixel shooter.

High end camera feature

Though the higher number of megapixels may not dictate the result of smartphone cameras, however, this time Samsung has empowered the camera with neophyte element and with a number of incredible software, which come along with robust video and image recorder.


Quicker and smoother operation features

If you compare the latest iPhone 5 with Samsung GALAXY S4 in terms of efficiency in operation, the former seems to be lagging behind. The iPhone 5 is seen carrying A6 dual core processing chip, which taps over 1GB RAM for its operations.

Even if  iPhone 5 seems to be very fast, Samsung again has won the battle in this regard. It is build up with Quad core processor, which gives Samsung GALAXY S4 lighting speed that certainly keeps this phone above the iPhone 5 to a great extent.

Considering the recent tie up of Samsung with certain big players in technology, Samsung GALAXY S4 would soon have a CPU, which features 8 – core Exynos Octa 5. The 2GB RAM over GALAXY S4 simply helps the users to carry out a number of multitasking things simple and quick for the users. This means, you will never encounter issues like freeze or lag over it.


Higher storage and longer smartphone hours

Samsung GALAXY S4 is known for higher storing capacity along with giving you’re the provision of changing the battery as and when required. However, this is not the case with iPhone 5, yet if the iOS based users try opening the case, they end up damaging the same.

The Samsung GALAXY S4 users are going to enjoy a whopping 128 GB memory space if they pair the model of 64GB GALAXY S4 with the 64GB microSD card. You can therefore use the phone for long hours for the complete day without worrying much about the battery life.


The platform flexibility feature

The Samsung GALAXY S4 runs on Android, which is a blend of JellyBean and TouchWiz that helps in giving the users some incredible smartphone features and several other things. This means, you simply get some incredible and interesting kind of multimedia experience with this latest creation of Samsung.

iPhone 5 And Samsung Galaxy S4

Also, there is a greater probability to see Key Lime Pie technology introduced by Google in it, which will help in getting better and improved kind of changes in terms of features and capabilities in GALAXY S4 device.

On the other hand, Apple has promised to integrate the software and hardware in its latest iPhone devices, however, was seen delivering it with a couple of limitations for the iOS based users. And you will never find things like constraints or limitations in Google’s dictionary.


Final Word About Samsung GALAXY S4

Apple though could be known for coming up with sophisticated phones and innovation; however, this time with Samsung GALAXY S4, the latest iPhone 5 seems to fall flat on the ground.

Surely we can say Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-I9500 is an amazing discovery. The above features bear testimony to this fact. Samsung GALAXY S4 seems to be a winner by great margins to iPhone devices.

Apple Samsung

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