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Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Series Review

The South Korean tech-giant Samsung unveiled three new tablets in the Indian market last month. Galaxy Tab 3 series has got much better impression and newer specification to impress the consumers who were waiting for the next generation Galaxy Tablets. Three tablets from the newer generation are Galaxy Tab 3 211, 310 and 311.

Each of the tablets has improved display and powerful specs as well. Meanwhile, we’ve got a chance to play with these tablets and here we’re to share our first impressions with you about these tablets.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Series

It’s been a couple of months since Samsung rocked the Indian tablet market with their Galaxy Note 510 and now they’ve come back for more. Let’s get into details with the new generations tablets.


Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Series

Design & Build Quality

Like the flagship smartphone, Galaxy S4, each of the tablets employs plastic embedded body with a premium finish. They hold smooth and rounded edges with well-positioned hardware keys as well. The whole outlook of the tablet doesn’t feel cheap at all even if it’s plastic finish. But, unfortunately enough all of the products from the Galaxy series seems the same in design and shape.

But, the main difference is their resolution, display size and performance. All of the Galaxy Tab 3 series products has the same design, runs on the same Android version while featuring equivalent physical home button with two capacitive ones as well.

The two capacitive buttons features Back and Menu key. Although it seems the home button just looks like the ones we’ve seen in the smartphone range products, but at times they’re pretty useful and we’ve found some of the useful facts in our experience as well. It comes in handy in opening apps and closing them, switching among multiple apps etc.


New Features in Software

The well-built Galaxy Tablets has got some serious stuff in their software as well. We’ve seen great improvements and added features. The stock OS has come with preloaded useful apps that can help you in innumerable ways.

Galaxy Tab 3 comes with Smart Stay. It’s a feature that lets the users operate their tablets as long as they’re looking at it. When you’re not looking at it, it will go to sleep mode and thus can save your battery as well. It works by detecting the users’ eyes with the front-facing camera.

Now, you can enjoy the multi window based multi-tasking on the latest Galaxy Tab 3. You can work in two different apps while splitting them in two places just like you’ve worked in Windows or Mac. But, it’s a bit difficult to work with two apps on a smaller screen. Other features include Reading Mode.

You can have a paper like gesture with the new mode being operated. Using Group Play, you can share files among other Galaxy devices on the same Wireless network. Although, it might seem great additions but, we’ve seen all of these features in the Galaxy S4.


Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Specs

Each of the Galaxy Tab 3 series tablets has been equipped with faster operating performance. The 311 comes with 1.5GHz dual-core processor and 1.5GB RAM. It’s powered by Android Jelly Bean. It features a 8’ display screen with 189 ppi pixel density while featuring 1280 x 800 display resolution.

The 311 and 310 tablets shares the same specs but differs in their connectivity. The 311 comes with 3G compatibility but 310 features only Wi-Fi connection.

It features smaller 7-inch screen with 168 ppi and 1.2 GHz dual-core processor. It has 1 GB RAM for multi-tasking as well. Samsung Galaxy Tab T311 price in India is around Rs. 24,849.


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