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A Detailed Review of Samsung Jet

Samsung Jet comes with a desirable style, a simple to utilize touch-screen software program, and overall performance satisfactory.

Samsung Jet doesn’t have instant text messaging, GPS and voice dialing programs. Personalization choices are restricted.

Samsung Jet is really an amazing multimedia mobile phone with good functionality along with a several desired software program developments.

Samsung Jet


Samsung Jet Review

Design of Samsung Jet

Samsung Jet is really beautiful – many of us prefer the trim cell phone, shiny skin as well as spiffy layout that get an LED on its backside.

Samsung Jet Design

  • Look And Feel : With 4.28″ large and 2.11″ wide and also 0.48″ thick along with a weight of 110 grams, Samsung Jet has really ideal dimensions – many of us loved the strong, feel comfortable by holding it in their hand.
  • Screen: A 3.1″ display with WVGA screen, is simply on the edge of what people think about satisfactory for the touchscreen cell phone, however it has been superbly big for many functions.
  • Resolution: This phone supports 16M colors as well as provides 800 x 480 pixels of resolution, which gives us vibrant, bright colors together with attractive graphics and also pictures.

Insufficiently, it has finger print streaks very simply. In the aspect, the back and front from the body blend to a place on base side. Its aspect-view looks like a flattened bullet, probably suitable look for a fast processor inside with 800MHz.


Display of Samsung Jet

Samsung Jet provides an appealing style, an excellent screen, and an attractive function established which consists of Microsoft Exchange web server synchronizing. At the end, we did not discover very many advantages with this processor plus we could not discover several essential characteristics.


Features in Samsung Jet

  • Samsung Jet operates with TouchWiz 2.0 version, an up to date model from the touch-screen software program experienced on previously cell phones such as F480.
  • You will find 3 home display screens, comparable with the Android OS, and also you are able to move icons. Every page works by itself. Meaning it is feasible to possess exactly the same application upon all 3 display screens, although we believe nobody could do this.
  • A very important factor to notice is that it is not feasible to browse vertically over the home display screens; therefore you are restricted to use 3.1″, 800 x 480 pixels, with AMOLED show.
  • Bigger icons require much more area and also you might turn out having the ability to work with just 1 application on the page.

Samsung Jet Features

Facebook, YouTube, MySpace, Picasa, Friendster and Flicker icons are simply internet links; therefore they are regarded as off-line applications. Undoubtedly, the range of icons remains restricted as well.

Although the app program is exciting, various other mobile phone platforms were near for just a long-term as well as 3rd party applications are easily accessible on the internet.


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