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A Glimpse To The Future Of Smartphones Market In 2013

Smartphones have made a really big impact, but 2013 is bound to bring even more changes. People will see some great chances in things like screen sizes and longer battery life.

Many people are demanding certain features. Let see what will be the features peoples are demanding and depending upon that what will be the future for smartphones market in 2013.


Future Of Smartphones Market In 2013


Future Of Smartphones Market In 2013

Better Cameras for Smartphones

In 2013 more of the smartphones on the market will be designed with a higher level of quality. This means that the resolution on the cameras will be greater.

Smartphone Cameras

People are finding less of a need for stand-alone cameras because more smartphones are producing better cameras. The HD cameras for smartphones are going to become a lot more common in 2013.


Increased Amounts of Memory at Lower Costs

Another thing that will also become quite a big concept for smartphones is the amount of memory that is available. More people will notice that the smartphones are coming equipped with a lot more memory thanks to economies of scale.


The Reign of Wireless Tethering

There is no short shortage of people that are in the market for phones that have wireless tethering options. This was a feature that was not available in the past for many phones, but it is certainly gaining an audience. A lot of this has to do with all the portable devices that people are using.

Wireless Tethering

Many people may be using their iPhone or Android phones to provide a hot spot connection for their other devices.


Car and Phone Integration Technology

The smartphones that are being designed for 2013 are being made to integrate even more with vehicles. Bluetooth technology is improving and more people are using their smartphones for navigation.


Hands Free Technology

What many people are interested in is hands free technology. This is why the voice control features for smartphones will become much better in 2013. Apple has had iPhone voice control commands for years, but the company has recently improved on this technology. The improvement of this led to greater Android voice control commands as well.

Smartphones Hands Free Technology

This is one of the most valuable concepts for many people that do not have the time to hold their phones throughout the day.


Wireless charging

The biggest concept that is gaining a lot of exposure is the wireless charging concept. A lot of people are impressed with this because so many people lose phone chargers.

Smartphones Wireless charging

It is a great concept that will improve overall smartphone technology. Consumers are looking forward to new 2013 technology.


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    I think tethering will be the next big thing. I wouldn’t be surprised if tethering (or wi-fi hotspot) overtakes landlines at some point. We just need the price to come down a bit. Speeds are already fast enough, it’s just a matter of getting the price to a point where it’s affordable.

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