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Socialize Your Android Contact Book With Apps

PicDial-app-to-socialize-your-android-contact-book-thumbAn Android phone is something special with its some of the best apps. The one true contender to the iPhone, it has grown in popularity as their archive of apps has increased, adding further function to the already impressive list of capabilities and features. In fact, there are so many cool apps now that it can be easy to forget that it was meant to be used as a phone to begin with.

With so much to do, we find ourselves having to actually socialize a device originally intended for social interaction and communication. Perhaps missing the irony of this, a number of interesting apps have been released to do just that. Here we come with how to socialize android contact book…



Socialize Your Android Contact Book With Following Best Apps

PicDial App

This interesting little caller ID program is excellent for keeping up with friends all in one place. Instead of the traditional text names, you have pictures of each contact that come up in larger form as caller ID when someone rings you.

PicDial Android Contact Book App

In addition to this, when you scroll through your contacts it will give you their current Facebook status, with live updating to keep it current. It is very handy, looks stylish and is free to download and use.


StarObject App

StarObject makes it easier to find and contact friends through their unique interface. It allows you to search for contacts by initials, name, phone number, company, address, email note or instant messaging info.

StarObject App To Socialize Your Android Contact Book

There are two virtual keyboards, with one of them being a large T9 and the other a compact version. You can also do other things with the same search options, such as send text or email messages from apps. That is in addition to a number of other useful features to use.


GO Contacts App

This is a replacement dialing application that works by helping you to group together, search, duplicate and dial contacts.

GO Contacts Android Contact Book App

They have a quick find feature that will bring up any matching name with just part of it typed in, as well as a smart dialing feature that completes the number for you if you have forgotten it. But my favorite is the one key press for email and SMS.



As an all-in-one app, this one works to bring all features together for one simple to use program. You can send and receive free SMS messages, connect to Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and LinkedIn through integrated versions straight from the app, press a contact pic from a profile to dial out, search out friends on your contacts list and more.


It is one of the best free apps you can get for your Android device.


Android Contact Book Socialization With Apps : Conclusion

There are a few other apps that are socially based and free, and more are sure to come. But these for are probably the best out there, and definitely around to stay. What are some of your favorite apps? Let us know in the comments about that apps, and be sure to link!


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