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7 Tips and Tricks for Creating Mobile Friendly Websites

Do you have Mobile Friendly Websites? Is your websites are ready for mobile device users who may well be potential customers for your business?

Your websites needs to be designed in such a way that it will be easy for smartphone and tablet users to access whenever and wherever they choose to look up your information.

Creating Mobile Friendly Websites

Any business who ignores new technology trends and does not convert their existing websites will lose customers who get frustrated at not being able to easily view the websites on a mobile device. Here are 7 important tips and tricks to remember when creating your mobile friendly website.


7 Tips For Creating Mobile Friendly Websites

1. Simplicity Rules

Your mobile friendly websites needs to be simple so that it will not pose obstacles for those who are on the go and trying to access information about your services or products. Design your websites for easy and quick loading, and keep your images to a small size.

Try to minimize the amount of scrolling that will be required. If you have a large inventory to offer, be certain to include a search box that will enable visitors to quickly find what they want.


2. Increase Visibility

Mobile units have small screens, and any text that is featured on your websites needs to be legible and easy to see. It is important to use background colors that will not cause eyestrain when trying to read.

And it is also beneficial to have pertinent information fit on the screen without the need to do much scrolling, pinching or zooming.


3. Use Mobile Redirects

When you use a mobile redirect, it will detect whether your visitors are using a mobile unit and automatically send them to the mobile-friendly version of your websites. The redirect page may also contain your contact information.


4. Your Websites Needs to Be Compatible with All Devices

If you want to ensure that you will not lose customers, you will need to make your websites accessible on all types of mobile devices. You may also want to stay away from Flash as it will not work on all devices.


5. Ask for Feedback on Your Desktop Version

You might want to put a section on the desktop version of your websites that will request feedback from your customers. You can pose questions pertaining to what features they would like to see on your mobile friendly websites version, and you can also ask for tips on how you can improve your mobile websites to make it more appealing.


6. Make it Easy to Order

You will want your mobile friendly websites to be designed so that ordering will be easy. Try to keep the steps required to place an order down to a minimum, and reduce the amount of information that is needed on forms.

So that your visitors will not need to take a lot of time to fill in fields. The simpler it is to place an order, the more business you can attract.


7. Allow for Easy Flow

Your mobile friendly websites should flow easily from one page to the next. You will want your visitors to have a pleasant experience, whether they are actually placing an order or just scanning your websites.


Conclusion – Creating Mobile Friendly Websites

The more mobile friendly websites, the more business you can attract from visitors who check out your websites while using a mobile device. By converting your existing websites, now you can stay ahead of your competitors and keep your mobile customers happy.

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