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Top Android Instant Chat Apps

Android instant chat apps have been growing more popular as a way to communicate quickly and quietly with other people over their Android Mobile Phones. Its growing popularity is partially due to the lower cost compared to text messaging or using minutes for longer phone calls and also many of them offer more versatile options than either phone or text messaging.


Top 4 Android Instant Chat Apps


Some of these apps also allow the option of using VOIP calling which can used instead of the regular network allowing you to reduce the numbers of minutes on your package.


Top 4 Android Instant Messenger Apps (Chat Apps)Currently Available

1) eBuddy Android Chat App

Probably the most popular of the IM apps,eBuddy has a very smooth interface and integrates well with most of the major IM applications such as MSN, Yahoo, Google talk and Facebook. It includes all the contact images increasing the familiarity of the chat function and you can sort all your contacts according to your preference.

It also allows you to cycle through tabs of open conversations with ease and you can have multiple accounts open at the same time.


eBuddy Android Chat App

Install eBuddy Android Chat Application



2) Google Chat/Talk Android Chat App

This is probably the fastest growing with the most simplistic interface out the 4 chat apps listed here. It also integrates beautifully with your android device since the stock Android Google contacts are all setup and ready to be used in within the chat application. Within the chat interface you can easily see who is online, available or away with colorful bubble like icons next to their names.

You can easily do a group chat where you can invite all your colleagues for a chat session and you can also take a conversation off record without it being saved or found. One of the most recent enhancement and best features of Google Talk is its video chat ability.

Google just upgraded this service and now you can easily chat with high-definition video quality and sound. Google chat is constantly being enhanced and upgraded by Google and one of the best chat apps for the android.


Google Talk Chat Application For Android

Download Google Talk For Android Phone



3) Fring Android Chat App

This has the most unique and “off the wall” appearance of all the instant messaging apps on the market and provides a lighthearted look to your phone. It is easy to set up from the start and allows you to upload the photo of your choice and assign yourself an online nickname.

Similarly to eBuddy it links with most major instant messaging programs such as Yahoo, Skype, AIM and MSN. Frings biggest advantage is that it includes VOIP support for voice and video conferencing allowing you to use your Android phone as the headset and giving you more calling options outside of using the standard network minutes.

The quality in an area with strong network or wireless signal can be comparable to a standard voice call over the phone itself.


Fring Chat Application For Android Phone

Download Fring For Android Phone



4) Nimbuzz Android Chat App

This is probably the most flexible of the four instant messaging apps mentioned here as it connects with virtually all other instant messenger systems including Yahoo, Skype, AIM, MySpace, Gadu and Facebook.

It also provides VOIP voice and video conferencing with the option being displayed for either Skype or Nimbuzz as your default VOIP provider as soon as you open the app.

It has the same flexibility as eBuddy regarding being able to sort and mange your contacts in much the same way and also uses your phones notification methods such as beep, play a preset tune or vibrate when you receive a message.
Nimbuzz Chat App For Android Phones

Download Nimbuzz For Android Phone


Top Android Instant Chat Apps Conclusion

Deciding which of these Four is the best largely depends on your needs. For straightforward instant messaging, eBuddy is the most appealing whereas if you need VOIP capability then you are most likely to choose either Fringe or Nimbuzz. For best integration with your Google contacts and easy video chat ability with those contacts than you may want to get Google Talk/Chat.

All of these four apps benefit from not being directly associated with the major web browsers so you don’t suffer the same limitations as browser-based instant messenger services. Also, don’t forget that you will need a high-speed internet or 4g connection to be able to upload and download chat data. Happy Chatting to all with this Android chat apps !!


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