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Top 3 Websites To Create Own Ringtones Online

You probably have come across various ringtones making software which simply allow us to convert a song into a ring tone for the mobiles. But the best ringtones software is expensive and not lots of people are comfortable with this thinking about the frequency of the usage.

What if you could simply make a ringtone by uploading a song onto a website and makes the ringtone for free of charge? Well, that can be made happen. There are lot of websites that can help you for making your own ringtones without having to install any software on your PC.


Top 3 Websites To Create Own Ringtones Online


You can make your ringtones on these websites, download them on your PC or laptop and transfer those to your mobiles. Also many of these sites are inclusive of other nice things like wallpapers, games, themes etc. too, for your mobiles.

Free ringtone websites are plentiful, but quality free ringtone websites are few and far between. To have an easy to follow tutorial on installing ringtones for your cell.



Top 3 Online Ringtones Makers 2012

Let’s take a look at top 3 websites which let us browse, select and download the choicest free mobile phone ringtones without pinching anything at all.

I’ve picked the top three best free ringtone websites that you can use to find truly free ringtones. (Please note: Even though all of these sites offer free ringtones, please be guaranteed to check the small print so you don’t incur any unnecessary charges.)


1) Zedge is having free high quality mobile ringtones download with  fast and easy use. This site is having large choice of free ringtones, themes, wallpapers and games for mobile phones. This site is having more that 7.6 million items shared by a lot more than 22 million Zedge users world-wide. This site is providing more services like TxTs, that means huge archive of sms text messages, Mobile phone jokes, quotes, love messages, flirt text messages without charges and without subscriptions. Snapshot



2) Melofania

Another interesting way to generate unique ringtones online is You can make your own ringtones online for android, iPhone and all other phones with This site offers to create own ringtones and download it for android, iPhone and all other phones .

After uploading your music selections on the website, provides the platform for creating and downloading the ringtones for the users’ computers instantly which is totally free of cost. also features the latest music, celebrity, tech and gadget news and information. You can download LMFAO free ringtones, Pitbull free ringtones, Speak Now TracFone phones from Melofania. As well as you can browse ringtones to download by artists.

This site provide simplest method to generate your own ringtones in just 3 easy steps. Just upload MP3 file to upload, Choose a segment out(30Secs) of the uploaded MP3(Using Placemarkers), Enter some artist and track name if you want, finally select your device and download ringtone easily on your computer. Snapshot



3) Phonezoo is a mobile-related social networking site and it needs signup. And if you once do it, you can Create Ringtones, Photos and send to your phone, you can generate your own friends’ circle and subscribe to their feeds. You can also update your profile. You can also send messages to others and comment on the Ringtones and Photos. All of these features are free of cost.

This site allows users to generate own ringtones with any piece of digital audio(.mp3, .wav, .aac, .m4a, .wma., and a size that doesn’t exceed 15MB), by simply uploading it and selecting a part of the tune for the ringtone with a variety of option is provided to tag the created ringtone. The best thing on this site is copyright tracking. Phonezoo uses “Acoustic fingerprint technology” to automatically detect if a file being uploaded is the copyrighted track or not. Online Ringtones Maker



Common Steps To Make Own Ringtones Online

The ringtone maker websites are very easy to use. Most of the sites follows following standard algorithm to make ringtones,

  • Click Browse and select a music file of the following formats: AAC, FLAC, M4A, MP3, OGG, WAV, WMA depends on website you are using to create ringtones.
  • After pressing upload button you can see progress bar for conversion of uploaded file in to appropriate format for the ringtones maker website.
  • After successful conversion in to appropriate format you will get timeline (clip duration) with Placemarkers to create the number.
  • Click on play button to listen to your audio clip. And if you are done, click on Create button
  • Change the default ringtone format. M4R for iPhone, MP3 for most of the other mobile phones. (It depends on your mobile you are having)
  • Choose and set the sound filters, if you want.
  • Click Make Ringtone to convert song into ringtone and save it on your computer



So these are best 3 free online ringtones generator sites which i have recommended. If you wish to add more ringtones’ websites which are more reliable or best and which will give you variety and change into your selection of mobile phone ringtones, please share with us.

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