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What’s next to come from Nokia?

In the nineties Nokia was basically synonymous with mobile phones. Chances are you had one of their ubiquitous handsets. The 21st century however has not been kind to the Finnish industry giant after a number of misfires – the nGage anyone?

Now when you think of mobile phones you’re more likely to think of Apple or Samsung, but Nokia has seen a recent resurgence and shopping for the latest mobile phone deals no longer has to mean avoiding the Nokia aisle. Here’s some information on what’s hot off the Nokia production line.


What’s hot off the Nokia production line

Nokia Lumia 710

One of the few smartphones to use Windows as its operating system the Lumia 710 has, at its heart, a sense of fun. It comes with a wide range of different covers that can be rotated and bases the essence of its operations around social media.

Nokia Lumia 710

Social Media – Sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are easy to access and navigate between. For example as soon as you take a picture on the Lumia 710’s camera you’re instantly offered ways to tag it and share it with your friends, so for those social media junkies among us, the Lumia 710 may well be the smart option.

Camera – The camera at 5 megapixel is somewhat smaller in scope than the main competitors, but it does allow the possibility of recording in HD video which is not a given even with the latest generation of smartphones.

Memory – It is also smaller than the competition in terms of internal memory – coming in at 8GB – but you could argue that the incredible storage technology we’ve become accustomed to has caused us to under appreciate quite how much stuff you can still fit into 8GB’s worth of space.

Ultimately for the hard-core techies the Lumia might not provide quite enough capability, but for those of us who just want to use our smartphones to have fun and keep in touch with the online world it’s perfect.

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