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5 Trends in IP Telephony Today

IP Technology is now considered to be a standard platform for voice and data communications. The use of communication solutions through IP telephony is not uncommon today, but as with all other technology, developments and upgrades are continuing.

There are emerging trends in IP telephony that should be considered by business. These trends could provide additional opportunities to improve existing systems and result in additional cost savings.

IP Telephony

There are five rising trends with IP telephony today. They are unified communications, SIP trunking, video, virtualization, and mobility.


Five Rising Trends With IP Telephony Today

Unified Communications

Unified communications or, UC, is defined as the integration of various real time communication applications with other systems. Real-time applications include standard and IP telephony, instant messaging, video conferencing, presence information and data sharing.

Other systems include unified messaging that constitutes voicemail, email, fax and SMS. Applications such as presence apps that enable users to see each other and also the capability to initiate any form of communication through a single application are also integrated into the system.


SIP Trunking

Traditional communication systems are on legacy PSTN or Public Switched Telephone Network. Replacing PSTN with SIP-based services improves call quality, allows for flexibility in call routing, mobile integration and disaster recovery.

SIP or Session Initiation Protocol is a signaling communications protocol used in controlling and monitoring multimedia communication sessions like voice and video calls through IP networks. It reduces cost significantly because several services can be used while on SIP trunking in comparison to being on PSTN. There is however no support for fax, emergency 911 on SIP.



Video conferencing is a trend that is quickly rising, especially in the current market where outsourcing is increasing and business employees are highly mobile. Businesses today also have staff that work at home or in remote locations.

Though it has not replaced voice services as such, the ability to enable employees from different locations to join a video conferencing that would seem like they are in the same room is appealing. This integration can prove to be cost-effective as travel expenses are reduced or even eliminated for such purposes.



Virtualization is another trend in IP telephony that businesses are incorporating into their communication systems. Virtual desktop infrastructure or VDI is one of the emerging virtualization systems. It provides even lower infrastructure and operating costs for the business.



Mobility is a trend that is quickly rising because of the convenience it provides. Unified communications is a system that is not limited to use on standard setups of VoIP devices. It is also available on computers, smartphones, and tablets. One important advantage of UC is that it allows for communication channels to exist between the standard setups and the non-standard ones.

Today, instant messaging applications that feature free voice calling for personal users are very popular because it eliminates expensive local and long distance call charges. For business, this is important as the workers can log in and connect to the company’s system wherever they are and whenever they are needed. It also gives companies the option to employ remote location working and even working at home.


Final Words About IP Telephony

These are only five of the emerging trends in IP telephony today. As the technology continues to be developed and refined, it is expected that more trends will emerge that would contribute to added advantages to the business, its users and its customers.

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