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Beware From Hackers, They Can Tap USB Devices In New Attacks

Hackers Can Hack Computers Using USB Devices

In a recent research, it has been revealed that our computers can now be hacked even through the USB devices we use such as keyboards, mice, flash drives etc. These peripherals can be used to hack into our computers breaking through all safety precautions. The chief scientist at Berlin‘s SR ...Read More »

Dell Hopes Deal With Nutanix – Announced Global Agreement

Dell Nutanix Partnership

The Dell Computer company has taken great strides to hold their own in the computing market. Their overall goals have been to offer simplicity and ease-of-use to companies that are in need of networking and server appliances that can create efficient virtual machine infrastructures. To achieve these goals, Dell has ...Read More »

Samsung Galaxy S IV News & Rumors Roundup

Samsung Galaxy S IV

Here’s a roundup of rumors and news about this marvel of Samsung Galaxy S IV. If there’s anything in the world that’s updating frequently, then it’s the smartphones. It all started with Apple and now it’s Samsung! The Android world is now anticipating the Samsung’s upcoming flagship device – Samsung ...Read More »

Hostgator Black Friday 2012: FLAT 50% OFF

Hostgator Black Friday 2012 Sales: FLAT 50% OFF

Hostgator Black Friday 2012 FLAT 50% OFF! Yes it is. Every one knows that about HostGator this is the one of the world’s Unlimited Web Hosting company and now Hostgator is owned by Endurance International Group (EIG). And everyone is hoping something different from EIG at least on Black Friday ...Read More »

Hostgator Sold To EIG : Is it safe to be with Hostgator?

Hostgator Sold To EIG

Yes, you read the title right, and although it has happened a while back, the acquisition of Hostgator by EIG is still an important bit of tech news, not for any other reason but because it has given rise to speculation about whether it is safe to use Hostgator as ...Read More »

Angry Birds Maker Rovio Launched New Game Amazing Alex

Amazing Alex - The New Game By Angry Birds Maker Rovio

This July 2012, Rovio, the makers of Angry Birds, launched their latest game Amazing Alex. In just eight short hours, the game had sky rocketed to the coveted #1 app position on the iPad app rankings board, an impressive feat considering the game isn’t promoting an already popular franchise or ...Read More »

How Nokia plans to turn its implosion into a ‘transition’

Nokia implosion into transition

Nokia has seen its sales figures drop by a considerable margin over the last couple of years after failing to break through the smartphone market. While the company still earns a considerable amount of money from intellectual property rights. Financial analysts have declared that the company has a gloomy future. ...Read More »