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Apple Fined Quantities for Misleading Consumers

While Apple could be the world’s greatest smartphone maker, its reputation has been put on the limelight of late.

The amount of lawsuits brought against Apple during the past 24 months has placed into question the reputation of the organization.(Read more about how Donald Trump Criticized Apple)


Apple Fined Quantities for Misleading Consumers In Australia


Apple Fined Amounts for Misleading Customers

Lawsuits Against Apple

Last year, Apple was sued by Nokia for violating its intellectual property rights and won the lawsuit. In May this year, Kodak filed some sort of lawsuit preventing Apple from interfering with its patent portfolio sale.

Perhaps the outcome of the lawsuit against Apple which was largely seen a victory against international corporation was the $2.29 million fine against Apple with a Federal Court in Australia for misleading consumers that the new iPad was compatible with the 4G cellular network in the country, when in actual sense it wasn’t.


Lawsuit – The Australian Competition & Consumer Commission

In March this year, the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission filed case against Apple. For intentionally misleading people who the new iPad had the capability to connect to the country’s 4G cellular network.

Before filing the lawsuit, Australian Competition & Consumer Commission stated that it has repeatedly requested the local subsidiary of Apple to alter its advertising campaign that The New iPad was able to connecting to the 4G network to no avail.


What Justice Mordecai Bromberg stated about Apple?

The presiding judge, Justice Mordecai Bromberg stated in his ruling which the conduct displayed by Apple was not only serious, but unacceptable. Justice Mordecai Bromberg stated how the details associated with the situation implied that


“Priority was given to international consistency instead of making sure that this product was compliant together with the local market requirement.”


He threw to suggest that persons and companies responsible for discovering international promotions. In addition to the companies in Australia that were embracing these campaigns should adjust to the needs of the consumers within the Australian market.

The contention of the lawsuit was the marketing campaign tagline “iPad with Wi-Fi + 4G”. Since the 4G cellular network in Australia utilizes an unlike frequency from the one utilized by the new iPad, it absolutely was extremely hard for the 4G feature to work in Australia.

Justice Bromberg stated which he was pretty concerned by the incontrovertible fact that Apple was struggling to refute that it is actions were deliberate in addition to being informed that their new gadget was not suitable for the cellular network in Australia.


How much Apple is predicted to be charged?

Justice Mordecai Bromberg stated which he was appalled through the fact that an organization just like Apple would try to utilize its resources to mislead the general public. As well as the $2.29 million in damages that Apple is predicted to be charged, they were ordered to pay an additional $300,000.00 to cover for the legal costs of the proceedings.

Apple agreed to settle the situation together with the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission. But, Justice Mordecai Bromberg delayed his final ruling for a while until both sides made it possible to furnish him with further information regarding the number of iPad units that Apple had sold by the time the lawsuit had been filed in Australia and the number of consumers who had been refunded.

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