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Dell Hopes Deal With Nutanix – Announced Global Agreement

The Dell Computer company has taken great strides to hold their own in the computing market. Their overall goals have been to offer simplicity and ease-of-use to companies that are in need of networking and server appliances that can create efficient virtual machine infrastructures.

To achieve these goals, Dell has signed a deal with the software company Nutanix to use their software applications in converged systems.


Dell Nutanix Partnership

What Nutanix Software Will Do To Converged Systems Offered by Dell

Nutanix specializes in offering NOS software that allows companies to scale out their networking storage and server computer capabilities. The software helps companies lessen downtime when expanding server capacity and storage by permitting them to run clusters of Dell XC appliances for any virtual machine.

Companies can add nodes for extra storage and capacity without temporarily halting operations that can cost a company large profits.

Appliances branded with Nutanix software include solid-state drives and hard disk drives for storage, as well as data services such as: compression, cloning and deduplication software – above the hypervisor level. Everything is included in one box, according to TechTarget.

There will be several different software editions available so companies can choose the right one that fits into their company’s computing requirements of scalability.

Dell Sought OEM Arrangement With Nutanix To Offer “Web-Scale” To Customers

With this deal in place, Dell can now offer converged server infrastructures to customers. These converged technologies will be implemented throughout Dell PowerEdge Servers as it will be branded as Web-Scale Converged Appliances under the Dell XC Series, according to The Register.

This series will have X86 servers with hyper converged systems, API-automation featuring rich analytical tools, and intelligent software without the need for extra hardware. If something should happen to the system, it will implement self-healing without the system shutting down. There will be no single point of failure.

While Dell could have used its own resources to create a converged networking, storage and server kit, the company decided to go with Nutanix. The Dell Computer company saw the advantages of using Nutanix software for an integrated infrastructure offering resiliency while reducing complexity as the converged server systems will be easier to install and operate.

How The Dell Nutanix Deal Benefits Both Companies

Both Nutafix Dell agreed to a non-exclusive deal. So both companies can work out deals with other vendors and rivals in the hyper-converged storage stack market without it compromising their own arrangement. Dell’s XC series will give joint support, sales and marketing while Nutanix can still offer its own current product line without having to limit itself to the OEM industry.

In addition, Nutanix will be able to expand its distribution networks; allowing the software company to compete with larger vendors such as Cisco on the converged appliance platform. As for Dell, it will be gaining the needed software that it has lacked for converged appliances. The computer company now has an enterprise product with a greater scale-out factor that its other software products couldn’t offer to customers.

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