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Donald Trump Criticizes Apple

Donald Trump Sounds Off On Apple

Donald Trump has spoken about Apple! Billionaire Donald Trump has sounded off against American companies producing their products in foreign markets.

With this proclamation, the wealthy financier has made it clear that he wants US companies to start taking responsibility for jobs in this country. This is one cause that the President has been trumpeting for several years, and he now finds himself side by side with the infamous Donald Trump. This shot across the bow against the Apple corporation puts political foes Donald Trump and President Barack Obama ironically on the same side.

The Donald trump found himself in the middle of the fray on Tuesday when the China-Apple manufacturing debate heated up significantly, stating the Apple and CEO Tim Cook needed to make more of their products in the United States.


Donald Trump Criticizes Apple

The Criticism For Apple By Donald Trump

The company is the target of harsh criticism from the public following an article that appeared in the New York Times that painted a grim picture of the working conditions inside Foxconn; a Chinese based manufacturer. This company is also the one who makes the majority of the iPhones and iPads for Apple that are sold in the U.S.

Trump who was appearing on Fox News Channel at the time, stated that Cook should rethink some of Apple’s policies and produce more of their products here instead of overseas.

He was quoted by the News giant when asked about the conditions at Foxconn by querying “Wouldn’t it be a great thing if the new leader of Apple said we’re going to start building plant in the United States?”

He further stated that all of almost all of the current production of Apples products( iPads , iPhones etc.) are being manufactured outside of this country, a view that he termed “pretty sad.” Trump also speculated that “Maybe the Increntive is not there,” when asked why he thought that this was the case.

Apple’s side of the coin

Of course there are two distinct sides to every argument and Apple has a few valid reasons for their policies. Devices such as theirs need to be made in a hands on environment with workers who are not well compensated (in order to turn a profit). The problem with this idea is that in the United States, most of the plants are now becoming automated with workers reasonably paid for their work.

Nonetheless, the Donald thinks that Apple should attempt to make inroads in this country anyway. He feels that Americans are some of the very best workers in the entire world and that Apple would really benefit from the production of their devices here. This notion alone would put common opponents Trump and President Obama on the same side of the argument. This is one area that Obama has really been pushing for — less outsourcing and moving operation and manufacturing back to the U.S.

The President further explains his stance by wanting to reward companies to re-invest in the U.S.A.

Donald Trump feels that there is a huge market for high-tech manufacturing here and the moment to strike is now.


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