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Facebook Boosts Up Its Security By Partnering With Antivirus Software Companies

With around 30 million online users every day, and zillions of clicks, Facebook is now really focused to tighten up its security. And this is mainly because of the fact that the Facebook is listening to the ever growing complains of spam and virus links that has been infecting user’s Facebook accounts.

Then posting of virus links and malicious software links to their timeline and messages of the people they are connected with. With all such links, within few hours such virus and malicious links infects thousands of Facebook accounts which later contributes in spamming and spread of more virus links.

Facebook Security With Antivirus Software Companies


Facebook seems to be concerned about that more than ever, and for that it is now in partnership with the 12 different antivirus software companies. Some of the big names of the industry are also included in this partnership namely Microsoft, Norton, McAfee etc. and all of them have came together to make this biggest social network the most safest place on the internet.

Besides that, such software companies have their own benefits in that too, as they know that working with Facebook will surely give them the boost as well as potential users they are looking for, and will surely give them an extra edge over their competitors.

However they also need to take this thing in consideration as well that 12 different software companies are working on this project, so other companies will be also getting the same set of benefit.

With this partnership, different group of people/companies will be getting the following benefits:


Antivirus Software Companies Partnership Benefits


Facebook will become way much safer to browse and their developers have to deal with lesser troubles, hence they will be more focused towards development and advancement of Facebook rather than dealing with virus bugs, as antivirus software companies would be dealing with this thing.



Users will get a social networking platform that is 100% safe to browse ever from their cellular phones, hence allowing them to share any of their personal pictures without any fear, as they would be protected in the best possible manner, and they would encounter minimum number of viruses.

If users take a little precaution when it comes to clicking over links then they would surely save themselves from a good number of viruses and malwares.


Antivirus Software Companies

They will be able to work with the social media giant, and it would surely give them publicity they deserve, which would surely give them an extra edge over their competitors. Besides that, they will also be able to enhance their system, as they would know about all the ups and downs of Social Media viruses.

This thing will also help them to sell out their products way much easily, as with around 1 Billion Facebook users, at least 100,000 to 1 million people would be interested in going with software development companies.

This is surely a Win – Win situation for everyone, as everybody is getting something out of this deal.


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