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Toshiba : A History Of Toshiba Laptops

It is no wonder Toshiba is one of the most trusted and most well-known technology manufacturers!


Toshiba Laptops Are Constantly Making Technological Advances

It has humble beginnings, stemming from two brilliant Japanese figures centuries ago. Hisashige Tanaka and Ichisuke Fujioka were both immortalized for strings of inventions throughout their youth.

They were the masterminds behind two groundbreaking technological businesses that would later merge to become the Toshiba Corporation.

Toshiba Satellite T215D S1160 Laptop


The Toshiba Founders

The Toshiba founders Hisashige Tanaka and Ichisuke Fujioka are known for much more than just laptops – world-wide innovations like X-Ray tubes. The first electric washing machine and even refrigerators were brought to Japan early in the 20th century. Later innovations that are credited to its fame include color television with cathode ray tubes and the world’s first color video phone. The Toshiba of today is still creating like Tanaka and Fujioka, providing the world with modern-day conveniences that never sleep.


Toshiba Finances

Toshiba puts in the time and money to make sure that consumers are satisfied; they are a business built entirely off of “reaping what you sow” and working hard to attain the benefits. Instead of excessive advertising, Toshiba finances new research, science and testing to get the best and biggest products on the market. Toshiba has been pushing limits for over a century; producing the world’s first laptop computer.

The first wireless laptop computer and even the world’s thinnest widescreen laptop to enhance travel mobility by them. Toshiba laptops were the first to boast DVD drives and color screens, as well. With over 27,000 patents in the last 30 years. Toshiba is proving that history does repeat itself.

Toshiba Gosmio

Toshiba prides itself on being innovative before there is a need for innovation. The Toshiba Corporation are technological experts and are anything but stagnant. Toshiba laptops have seen great improvement over the years and are creatively designed. Read more about What Should You Buy – Laptop Or Desktop Computer

Improvements are unfaltering; laptops already equipped with wireless and broadband reception are built with better connection and faster speeds. The Toshiba Corporation, officially named in 1978 after merging the two outstanding Japanese manufacturing companies, focuses on keeping consumers as mobile as they want to be.

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