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Windows 10 Technical Preview – 5 Best Things about Windows 10

Windows 10 Technical Preview

Windows 10 will be a free upgrade for users running Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 if they choose to upgrade in first year of Windows 10 release, Microsoft confirms in yesterday conference. Microsoft didn’t announced the exact date of official launch of Windows 10. However, it’s expected to ...Read More »

Microsoft Windows From 1.0 To 10

Microsoft Windows

The mission statement was simple. To ‘put a computer on every desk in every home’, said Bill Gates at the very advent of Microsoft. And whilst the shape and sizes of computers have changed over the years, for many years now we’ve been living in a world where Bill Gates’ ...Read More »

Android Vs Windows: Which Is Most Demandable

Android Vs Windows

Question arises Android or Windows? Which is most useful or admirable? Let’s check out basic comparison Android Vs Windows. The mobile device (Smartphone’s and tablets) market seems to have become very much competitive especially from the end of the year 2012. There are several mobile operating systems (OS), which have ...Read More »

Various Methods To Log on to Windows XP

Various Methods To Log on to Windows XP

There are lot of methods available to log on to Windows XP with Administrator rights and privileges in case you forget login password. Today we will discuss it one by one.     Methods To Log on to Windows XP 1) Simple Method To Log on to Windows XP 1) Reboot ...Read More »

How To Speed Up Your System Performance

How To Speed Up Your System Performance

Rid of slow System Performance, check this tips to speed up sluggish System Performance before an upgrade. Can you remember when your company upgraded everyone’s computer and you were amazed at how smooth everything ran? You could open up multiple windows and still have enough speed to watch that sales ...Read More »

How To Do A Clean Install Of Windows 7

Clean Install Of Windows 7

A Clean Install Of Windows 7 : There comes a time for most PC and laptop owners, when you need to do a totally clean install of your operating system. The most common reason is when you have a virus on your machine and you cannot remove it effectively. Other ...Read More »

How Windows 8 Control Panel Access Is complicated

Windows 8 Tips - For Those With Non Touch Devices

For accessing the new Windows 8 control panel, you are supposed to pin the control panel over the taskbar and start screen, but before doing that, you need to find it. One of the common complaint from the users is that assessing Windows 8 control panel is a complex method. ...Read More »

5 Windows 8 Apps For Windows Phone – Have a Great Time

Windows 8 Apps For Windows Phone

With the launch of Windows 8 in many smartphones, app developers have re-crafted many apps to run smoothly with the unique features of Windows 8 platform. We are going to cite few of those, which will not only be a source of entertainment, but also these apps will serve the ...Read More »

How Windows 8 And Cloud Computing Work Together! Let’s Talk

How Cloud Computing & Windows 8 work together

At last, Microsoft is introducing the concept of Cloud Computing in it’s latest operating system, Windows 8. The recent public conference by Microsoft CEO highlighted the fact that launched Windows 8 operating system will definitely offer more opportunity in bringing personal cloud towards mass users, probably billions in number. But ...Read More »

Windows 8 Apps : Most Interesting And Useful

Windows 8 Apps : Most Interesting And Useful

Recently, Microsoft launches their newest Operating System, which is known as Windows 8. They offer so many innovative features in it. Many features need applications to show their performance. So, Microsoft has released apps for Windows 8 in their Windows Store. These all Windows 8 apps are now available for ...Read More »