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Android Custom UI s’ By Other Manufacturers

Android allows other manufacturers such as Samsung, HTC and Motorola to develop their own custom user interfaces (UIs) for Android phones. This creates a dilemma among Android phone users—should they stick with the standard Android phone UI or use one customized by an outside manufacturer?

The custom UI s do have different features and functionalities than the standard version, and some of these may have more bells and whistles than a standard feature. But just because a feature is more flashy doesn’t mean it’s better. Personally, I’m against custom UI s by manufacturers for a few reasons.
Android Custom UI s' By Manufacturers


Reasons Why Against Android Custom UI s’ By Manufacturers

No Android Brand Recognition

Since UI s can be customized by different manufacturers, each Android phone has different functions, features and skins. Because of this, Android phones do not have one dedicated look or style. This deters Android’s chance at developing a solid brand recognition.

It’s true that people refer to them as “Androids” or “Google phones”, but when they are also being called “HTCs” or “Samsungs”, it can cause brand confusion. Rather than Android solely marketing their phone with their features, Android phones are now being marketed by both Android and other manufacturers.


Delayed Updates

Since the iPhone is manufactured and produced solely by Apple, upgrades are easily and quickly made since they are developed for one type of UI. Because Android has multiple UI s that are created by multiple manufacturers, more updates need to be made for more versions. Because of this, updates cannot be created and implemented easily or quickly.


Can’t Default Back

Every custom UI manufacturer thinks that they can make the standard Android UI better, so they change it. If we as users don’t like the change, we can’t make the default version reappear. Instead, we’re stuck with the change that the manufacture made, whether we like it or not.


Too Many Differences

There is something about a standardized UI that puts a smile on my face. With standard UI s, everyone who has the phone has the ability to have the same functions, features and apps. If an iPhone user sees a cool feature on another iPhone user’s phone, they know they can access that feature too—they just need to learn how.

This is not the case with Android and their custom UI s. Some UI s allow users to have a feature or a function that other UI s don’t. If an Android user sees something on another Android user’s phone that they like, but they don’t have the same UI, the Android user could—and most likely will—be out of luck.

The standard Android UI created by Google may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Some people may enjoy the differences that customized UI s allow for. But I’m sure I’m not alone in saying that the standard Android UI is perfectly acceptable. It’s sort of like vanilla ice cream—it may not have all the extra fancy ingredients like a Rocky Road or Mint Chocolate Chip, but it’s still deliciously desired and satisfies the palate.

This is my perspective about Android custom UI s’ by other manufacturers and this is why I am against Android Custom UI s’ by manufacturers share you thoughts.


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