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Things To Know Before Switching To Linux OS From Windows

Switching To Linux OS From Windows? As home computers have become a standard technology, many users are exploring their options. This includes the hardware they use whether it is a laptop, desktop, tablet or even smartphone. However, many users are considering their options for software also.

One of these options is switching from a Windows based OS to Linux OS. As more Linux OS distributions offer a Windows look and feel, more users are seeing Linux OS as an alternative.


Switching To Linux OS From Windows


If you are thinking about switching to Linux OS, there are a few things you need to know first. Also read about Use apt-get behind proxy server (Ubuntu/Debian).



Few Things To Know First Before Switching To Linux OS

Linux OS is not Windows

Though there are some Linux OS distributions, such as Ubuntu and Fedora, which offer the feel of Windows, Linux OS is not Windows. The menus, use of icons, desktop themes and other similarities are included in many distributions; however, Linux OS is more stable and free. Those are the two major differences between Windows and Linux OS.

Another difference is the support involved. With Windows dominating the PC world, their support can be found through the many applications you can install as well as the “pay” support that Microsoft offers. Linux OS support is usually found within forums and blogs and is offered by the Linux OS community of users rather than any specific company.


Less Viruses, More Computing

One of the major advantages of choosing Linux OS is the lack of viruses, adware, and malware that targets Linux operating systems. Since a majority of online users are Windows users, those users are targeted more often.

The point of viruses and malicious software is to reach as many computers as possible; therefore, the communities of Linux OS users are safer as they are a smaller community.


Drivers May Not Work

For the same reason that viruses don’t infect Linux OS run PC’s, drivers used for hardware are also programmed for Windows. This means the peripheral devices you use on your Windows machine may require additional work to be compatible on your Linux OS.

Many important devices will have a Linux driver as well. Other devices such as iPods won’t be compatible. If you are planning on using Linux OS and still want to use all of your PC compatible gadgets, you will need to dual-boot both Linux OS and Windows or keep a second Windows based PC handy.


Games May Not Play

PC gaming is a multi-billion dollar industry. If you are a gamer, you may find your mainstream games won’t play on Linux OS. This is simply because they are not meant to. Games are written to run on the Windows OS and must stay that way.

There are games that you can play on Linux OS, some that even only run on Linux OS. Many of the major online games however will not play on Linux. So keep this in mind before you decide to run Linux OS only.



There are many options available to those who want to give Linux OS a try. However, without planning you may find it difficult to enjoy your PC the way you always have. It is suggested to dual-boot

Linux OS and Windows OS rather than getting rid of your Windows partition completely. The other option is a second computer to fall back on if you find you need Windows for the devices or games that you enjoy. Hence, you are ready to switch over to Linux OS.


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