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Windows 8 Apps : Most Interesting And Useful

Recently, Microsoft launches their newest Operating System, which is known as Windows 8. They offer so many innovative features in it. Many features need applications to show their performance. So, Microsoft has released apps for Windows 8 in their Windows Store. These all Windows 8 apps are now available for the users and also compatible with Windows 8 Pro.


Windows 8 Apps : Most Interesting And Useful


Windows 8 Apps

All of those applications are not compatible by working with Windows RT. Furthermore check out app up-dates, if Microsoft release their interesting latest features with modified applications in list, you simply can download it. Here are the Windows 8 apps which are most interesting apps, starting from below:

Windows 8 Apps : Most Useful and Interesting

Google Search

Although not launched recently, this app obtained an essential up-date earlier this week that they offers 2 latest features. Now, it is totally ideal along with Windows RT programs and it is now able to play movies at YouTube outside the box.

Windows 8 Google Search App

Earlier, the YouTube showed an error of “Flash Player is not installed” in the computer. This app by itself seems as a limited edition of Google Chrome.


Norton Satellite

This application is not really compatible along with Windows RT. This is an anti-virus app for Windows 8 which you are able to utilize to scan Facebook new as well as all feeds, account of Dropbox, or folders or files on your personal computer.

Windows 8 Norton Satellite App

Norton Satellite connects with their Symantec web servers in the time of scanning which indicates that you require a good connection of internet to operate this application. Folder and file option for selections is difficult to utilize.

This application will not scan the sub-folders and also doesn’t approve the collection of various folders to get scan.


Backgrounds Wallpapers HD

Now this app allows yourself to choose new wallpaper pictures for your OS’s display screen as well as account image. Latest ingredients are increased regularly for the app, and also options now are accessible to save image you’re watching inside the app to utilize it as personal computer’s background picture also.

Windows 8 Backgrounds Wallpapers HD App

Background Wallpapers HD provides famous, latest wallpaper in its categories, and also offers group listings wallpapers.



WordWeb is a famous English dictionary as well thesaurus launches very first time in Windows 8. This app allows you for search the words about which you wish to learn more, along with meanings, spelling guidelines, examples usage and synonyms as well as similar words.

Windows 8 WordWeb App

This application has no need to make efforts of advertisements because WordWeb is already very popular application.


How Stuff Works

How Stuff Works is the app which provides a similar written content for which you are looking for around the internet site.

Windows 8 How Stuff Works App

You are able to search famous posts, jump straight into your favorite channels.

Windows 8

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