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Get Free Stock Photos & Free Vector Images at Depositphotos

As a blogger, I am always in need of fresh quality photos to add to my website and stock photos at Depositphotos are for quite some time my No.1 choice.

I used to buy stock photos from different stock agencies but the truth is that they tended to be rather expensive. That was until I found Depositphotos, a discovery I want to share with every other blogger and website owner in the world.


High Quality Stock Photos at Depositphotos

No webmaster likes spending a small fortune from his hard-earned income on photos to display on his website(s). Maybe large companies and magazines can afford allocating a large fund but even these categories of buyers could benefit from the stock photos at Depositphotos not only due to the highly competitive prices but also due to their immense collection of photos and their top quality.




Why Choose Stock Photos at Depositphotos?

Don’t get me wrong but it’s rather frustrating to browse for specific images on other stock agencies since they usually don’t have their search engine completely functional, but this is not the case with DepositPhotos.

When I search for a particular subject I just enter the keywords and they display the absolute stunning images in that category so users get maximum satisfaction with stock photos at Depositphotos. This is a very important aspect when browsing for new images and a great time saver.

Among the best things I like about DepositPhotos are the high quality images and a huge database to choose from. Another advantage is that this stock agency spends most of its resources in selecting the images submitted by freelance photographers. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be able to have the best database and maintain happy customers as I am.

Combine these three aspects with a low price tag and you’ve got yourself the perfect place to buy cheap high-resolution stock photos.


Bloggers and Webmasters Program

I know that you will like this special offer from depositphotos called Bloggers and webmasters program, I know I did and I still do.


Let me explain, basically you get a free subscription to download images for free (yes absolutely free) if you write a review, just like the one you are reading now, about DepositPhotos and publish it on your website. It’s that simple and you will be granted a free subscription to download any images you like or need.


The guidelines for Bloggers and webmasters program are:

  • You must own a website that registers a satisfactory traffic,
  • You must write a unique review about DepositPhotos mentioning what makes them unique and why do you like them despite of the rest of the stock agencies,
  • You must link back to DepositPhotos for your visitors to check out.

Depending on your website and how well your review is written you can get a free subscription from a length of 3 days to 30 days, sometimes even more. During this time you can download a maximum of 5 images per day, which is more than enough. Just by writing a review you can get a lot of free images for your blog/website.


Have you ever heard of a more incredible offer that allows website owners to download free high quality images? Now it’s possible thanks to the bloggers and webmasters program, which gives users free access to stock photos at Depositphotos.

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