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Downloading Movies Torrents

Many people chose to download movies through torrents. Torrents are a form of peer-to-peer file sharing used by many across the world.


Torrents – How Torrents Are Working ?

In essence, when you download a torrent, your computer communicates with other computers that have the file you are looking for on their drive.  Download speeds correlate with the amount of people who have the file.

Downloading Movies Torrents


Torrent Sites for Movies

Torrent Sites for Movies : Every torrent site that is available will offer movie torrents.  A good torrent sites, for example, is IsoHunt.  IsoHunt is one of the biggest torrent websites available today.  In order to be able to download torrents, you will also need torrent software, Bit Torrent being the most popular one, next to uTorrent.


Is Downloading Movie Torrents Illegal?

Yes, it is.  Movies are copyrighted and many countries have specific laws making downloading movies illegal, such as the Digital Copyright Management Act of 1997.  Many people argue that you could download a movie, watch it and then delete it, therefore not distributing it, making it legal.

However, the flaw in this argument is that you have downloaded it from someone else, who therefore is distributing it, making you an accessory in illegal distributing.  Furthermore, the way peer-to-peer sharing works means that as soon as you start downloading the file, others will be able to download it back from you, meaning that in effect, you are distributing it.


Other Dangers of Downloading Movie Torrents

You must at all times remember that the act of downloading movie torrents is illegal.  This means that websites that offer torrents operate in illegal ways.  This, in turn, means they are not policed by the proper authorities and you are hence not protected from viruses, spyware and malware.

Many torrent websites do try to spot fake torrents and some have been cleared by McAfee and Norton for example, giving you some level of security.


The Three Strikes You’re out Rule

A new development in the world of internet is that users who get caught downloading illegal files can be banned from the internet altogether.  The Internet Server Provider they use will have to give them a three strikes you’re out opportunity (meaning they get three warnings), but if the user continues to download illegal files, they will no longer be able to use the internet at all.

Downloading movies from the internet may seem like a good idea.  It is free and if you know your way around computers, it is usually quite safe.  However, it is important to remember that downloading movies from the internet is illegal, whether you do it for your own personal use or for distribution.

More and more activities are taking place to halt the amount of illegal file sharing that takes place, and you stand to land in a whole lot of trouble if you get caught, including fines, being banned of the internet and even possible jail terms.  It is, of course, fairer to purchase movies from stores or go to the cinema instead of torrents, but as you can see it can also, overall, be a lot cheaper!


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