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Difference & Features Between Microsoft Surface And iPad

There is no doubt about the fact that the tablets have taken over the tech town today. What used to be a futuristic compliment is now rapidly making its way towards becoming a necessity of business or otherwise. Given this situation, more and more companies are indulging in developing better tablets with unique features.

The newest kid on the block here is the Microsoft Surface. It comes in two versions, The Surface Windows RT and the Surface Windows 8 Pro. With many new and interesting features and promising characteristics, it has won many hearts already.

Microsoft Surface And iPad

Although the iPad has remained a public favorite since a long time, it seems that Microsoft surface is already making a statement. So which one to buy? Well let’s observe a few features.


Difference Between Microsoft Surface And iPad

Microsoft Surface Tab

Microsoft Surface And iPad Manufacturer

The iPad is manufactured by the industry mammoth, Apple Inc. while Microsoft Surface is manufactured by the veteran Windows.

Operating System

The iPad’s intrinsic Operating System is the iOS and for Microsoft Surface there are two separate ones, each for a version. As the names suggest, Windows RT runs on Windows RT and Surface Windows 8 Pro runs on Windows 8 Pro.

Running Apps

The iPad can only run apps that are specifically made for iPads. Surface Windows RT also requires custom apps however; Windows 8 Pro can run any app.


The iPad’s processor is the A5x (dual Core), whereas the windows RT processor is the ARM. Windows 8 Pro works on Intel.


iPad weighs approximately 652 grams and the Windows RT Surface weighs about 676 grams. Windows 8 Surface is the heaviest of the lot weighing at about 903 grams.


The iPad’s display is at 9.7 inches, where as both versions of the Microsoft surface have a display of 10.6 inches.


More About Features Of iPad And Microsoft Surface

Apple iPad


Along with the iPad comes a smart cover that magnetically attaches to the screen. Its main purpose is to serve as a protective cover to safeguard the screen from potential damage.

However, Microsoft Surface’s cover serves a unique function of converting into a full-fledged soft touch keyboard. When the cover is on the screen, it works like a magnetic cover to protect the screen, but when rolled out it becomes a keyboard. Smart move there Microsoft!


Another very interesting aspect of the Microsoft Surface is its unique kickstand. It allows you to operate it absolutely hands free.

When you are using it normally, the stand stayed nicely tucked in the tablet, however, the moment you wish to put it down, simply flap open the stand and there you have your mini laptop, with its stand and keyboard in place.


 Microsoft Surface Vs iPad Conclusion

Whatever of the two you pick up, remember there is tremendous scope for development in both. Apps that are being customised for both the devices help in developing business and generating revenue.

The best way to reach the maximum number of people in the minimum budget is via a great mobile app. You can create apps for Business, Utility, Entertainment, Multimedia, games, lifestyle, Travel, Education, and Healthcare etcetera.

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  1. Avatar for Sandeep Kale

    Perhaps this is a bit picky, but to say that a Surface Pro can run “any” app, while an iPad can “only” run iOS apps is at best not technically correct, and at worst misleading. A Surface Pro can run any program written for MS Windows. A Surface Pro can not run any app written for iOS unless said app has specifically be ported to Windows, and vice-versa. Then again, I still tend to make a distinction between “apps” and “programs”, but such distinction is becoming blurry.

    A Surface Pro reminds me of a high-end, lightweight netbook, albeit with detachable keyboard. The iPad was never meant to fill this niche, and therefore comparisons are tortured.

    A closer comparison would be between a Surface Pro and a Macbook Air, and indeed I have seen couch comparisons.

    This comparison is dated anyway, since it does not mention the Surface Pro 2, Intel Haswell, or the A7 chip. We’ll have to see if consumers favor the Surface Pro 2 more than the original Surface Pro. Both the Surface Pro 2 and the Apple iPad Air are nice machines, but they fill slightly different market niches.

  2. Avatar for Sandeep Kale

    I am actually impressed with what windows have been doing with their product line lately. They have improved their tablets and the windows phone. Sure windows 8 is a bit different but it should be getting better over time. I like the direction they are going for sure!

  3. Avatar for Sandeep Kale

    Seems like Windows Surface is the winner because with Windows 8 Pro it can run any app. I am not a big fan of Windows 8 but I guess it takes time to get used with a new platform.

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