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The New Age In Smartphone Market

In today’s fast paced world our lives have become incomplete without smartphones, internet, computers and in short gadgets. The Smartphone Market is flooded with these gadgets with different configurations. For a tech-savvy person it may not be difficult to comprehend what to buy, but for a layman this information can be tricky and confusing.

In fact salesmen many times take advantage of this and sell gadgets on which they get higher commission. If you are looking forward to buying a gadget for your family or self do an online research and read reviews before making your final decision. Also, there are lot of online websites available which can get you some best deals for buying smartphones.

The smartphones available in the market have certain characteristics that we expect in our phones. Everybody wishes to have a big high-resolution screen, long battery life, very effective camera and all these squeezed into something few millimeter thin.

Actually few of these requirements are exclusive unless of course you are buying a Sony Xperia Z2 using snapdeal coupon codes. Just a look would reveal the handset with hardly any compromises on the main parameters. Let us have a closer look to find out the possibility of having best of everything in this top range smartphone.

smartphones market Photo by Johan Larsson

New Age In Smartphone Market

Stunning Design

Z 2‘s casing features premium materials and draws the inspiration from iPhone 5S of Apple. But for HTC One M8, this could easily be classiest Android phone. With its metal unibody design and the HTC, it has a beautiful finish, has slightly rounded corners, a glass back having machined edges of aluminum. Because of materials of high quality used, Sony is little heavier than those like Samsung S5 but this is not considered a negative point.

When compared to XPeria Z1 it has slightly larger screen while maintaining water resistance rating of IP55/58.

The only problem it has is from ergonomic point. Its size and comparatively square corners and hard glass back make its handling with one hand difficult. It is in fact easier to handle bigger Galaxy Note 3 because of gripper materials and better shapely contours.

It would be better for you to visit the store and handle device yourself before finalizing the deal with some smartphone.


Awesome Screen

Screen of Xperia Z1 was big, sharp and colorful but had the problem of poor viewing angles. This problem has been resolved on Z 2 with new 5.2in IPS display having better off axis viewing. The colors and contract appear better than the predecessor because of technology of Live Color LED. !080p to web pages and apps appear crisp and clean and the text is legible.

Regarding the problems, there was little less brightness compared to Galaxy S5 and glossy glass screen reflected lot of light and both fingerprints showed up and also specks of dust.

Sony’s X-Realty engine that was designed for improving picture quality, has left colors appearing over saturated and slightly unnatural.

Despite of above criticism it has stunning screen and certainly one of best available on mobile devices.


Great speakers

Because of HTC one people have understood how good the speakers of smartphone could be. Taking note speakers have been shifted to front of the phone which permits them to fire sound straight at user. The quality is certainly better.


New Age In Smartphone Market Verdict

Though only screen, audio capabilities and design have been dealt by us, Sony Xperia Z2 is definitely one of best smartphones and has a tough competition with iPhone 5s. Whatever be your point of view, Sony deserves to be on your shortlist.

You will also have the option of flexible memory expansion and the smart software that puts device up against HTC OneM8 and also Samsung Galaxy S5.


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