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The Essential Guide to Portable DVD Players

Many people may be unaware that the portable DVD players has been around for 14 years, since 1998! These clever little devices have been constantly updated and transformed into a must have for frequent traveler, families and in hi-tech cars. (Read more about how to transfer DVD To iPad on Mac.)

This guide looks at the history of portable DVD players, how they have evolved and what to look for now.


A Brief History of the Portable DVD Players

As already mentioned, portable DVD players have been around for some time with the first one being made and sold in 1998 by leading technology company Panasonic.

The original portable DVD players were quite bulky in size, but gave people an option of watching films away from home, or when traveling. Many consumers thought this was a perfect idea but weren’t too sure on the size or weight of these mobile devices.

The Essential Guide to Portable DVD Players

Since 1998, the portable DVD player has been added to, upgraded and made slimmer, lighter and more affordable. New features have been added so that people can now access their music and pictures on the go, as well as films.

The original portable DVD player was a lot bigger and bulkier than the ones you can get now. The constant development in technology means they are only going to get better (and smaller)!


Features and Design of the Portable DVD Player

You will find that many portable DVD players have the same key features and design, such as a LCD or LED screen and various adapters for the car or home.

There are many features that are being researched and added to portable DVD players all the time, such as:

  • Swivel screens
  • iPod or speaker docks
  • USB or memory card slots
  • New playable formats such as MP4 and DivX
  • Wireless connections (Bluetooth or Wi-Fi)
  • Even emulators for game consoles!

These are just some of the new features that you can expect to find on more recent models of portable DVD player, although with each year comes more and more technology.

You will find that the design of portable DVD players is a lot smaller, lighter and more attractive than the models from years gone by. Many manufacturers are constantly looking for ways to make the portable device a lot more mobile and portable by cutting down on weight and size.

Screen sizes of the portable DVD player have also increased since the original versions from the 90’s. You can now expect to find screens up to 12 inches! Although the average is around 7 inches which keeps the DVD player smaller.


The Benefits of a Portable DVD Players

Many people may buy a portable DVD player for their own reasons, although there are some key benefits which ensure these devices appeal to the masses.

Those who travel frequently will find that great portable DVD players are the ultimate accessory, especially now that images and music can be accessed from them too. Whether you fly a lot, catch the train to work or have hour-long bus journeys then this is the gadget you need in your life!

A lot of people buy portable DVD players for their children to enjoy as well as them. They can be used as a distraction during a long car journey, or even at home. You can finally regain control of the television while they watch their favourite films in another room.

Portable DVD players are light, small and convenient. Whether you require one for traveling purposes or just want to keep the children quiet for a little while, there are benefits for everyone.



The portable DVD player, created in 1998 by Panasonic and shooting to fame since then. With the constant research into better technologies (in smaller packages) it is guaranteed that these little devices will keep getting better.

Take them traveling with you, or just use them as a distraction for the children at home. With features such as memory card readers you can now also have access to home videos, pictures and even music.

It is like having a whole entertainment center in one very small, very light and convenient package!

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