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4 Amazing Kickstarter Projects That Every Graphic Designer Must Follow

Are you passionate about graphic designing? Do you spend hours and hours playing around with a fascinating combination of technology, art, creativity, design, and innovation?

Graphic design is indeed an interesting concept, since a graphic designer holds the power of changing ideas and thoughts into graphic visual images, which is amazing!


Amazing Kickstarter Projects

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If you’re a dedicated graphic designer and if you like ideating for new designing concepts, you might want to have a look at following four extraordinary graphic design projects featured on kickstarter.


4 Amazing Kickstarter Projects

Sigmund Freud Font

We’ve all heard or read about Sigmund Freud (1856 – 1939), the legendary Austrian neurologist, also known as the founding father of ‘Psychoanalysis’. Have you seen any of Freud’s historic letters, or noticed his stylish handwriting for that matter?


Sigmund Freud Font

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Harald Geisler from Vienna, Austria was so fascinated by Freud’s historic manuscripts that he started this project in order to create an entire font based on Freud’s handwriting from his manuscripts. The project is supported by the Sigmund Freud Museum in Vienna as well as The Freud Museum London.

Fancy typing a letter or a document of your own in Freud’s mesmerizing handwriting? If yes, then what are you waiting for?  Go ahead and show your backing for the project and give it a smashing kickstart!



Golf Course Screen Print Series

If you happen to be an avid golfer and someone who likes anything and everything about golf, this is an ultimate project that you’re absolutely going to love!

Started by Jerome Daksiewicz, an architect and designer based in Chicago, this project basically aims at creating minimalistic screen prints of the world’s top golf courses, including the courses that are due to host Golf’s 2013 Major Championships.

Imagine your home walls adorned by these classy golf prints – loving the thought, aren’t you? The prints will include Pine Valley – voted the best golf course in the world by Golf Magazine, Pebble Beach – a popular American golf course and a public favorite, and the hosts for Golf’s 2013 Major Championships – Augusta, Merion, Muirfield abd Oak Hill.


Beyond Borders: Exhibition of contemporary posters from Iran

Beyond Borders is another exciting project started by a group of designers, which is essentially an exhibition based on graphic design and cultural exchange, featuring the work of graphic designers living and working in Iran.

Fusing together a number of aspects such as globalism, omnipresent social networks, new age designing tools, as well as cultural traditions, Beyond Borders is an exhibition that will feature contemporary poster designs from Iran, completed in the past five years.

This will be a perfect amalgamation of the past, present and the future.  This group of designers aim at selecting 77 to 100 posters by reaching out to and encouraging designers and educators in Iran to submit their own designs or suggest designers whose work could be considered.

The exhibition will then be hosted at the AIGA’s National Design Center, New York. Find the idea appealing? Go back it up!


1976: Retro Apple Ads For the iPad

Going back to 1976 – do you know that it was this year that Apple was founded? Also, this was the very same year that Apple’s first product, the Apple 1 went on sale.

Sold as a motherboard with 8k bytes of RAM, textual-video chips and enough computing power to run games, it was priced at $666.66! All these details were made public by a 1976 advert by Apple, promoting the sale of Apple 1 – their first product.

Coming back to this project – it has been started by James Walsh, a hardcore Apple fan from London, whose idea is to recreate the 1976 Apple advert on a sustainable retro-looking bamboo case for iPad 2 and 3.

What could be a better way to know whether the company came from, than having it written at the back of your iPad? All true Apple aficionados out there are bound to love this idea!

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