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Three Tablets 2013 : Best Tablets Reviews

An article released today in PC Mag focused on an analyst who forecast-ed that 2013 could be the year that tablets outsell notebooks. We have all witnessed the growth of tablets throughout the past few years, and especially at such a staggering speed in 2012. It appears that the trend will actually lead to a new norm of mobility where news ingestion, social media involvement and more gets more on foot than at the desk.

Three Tablets 2013 : Best Tablets Reviews

To prep all of you at Tricks Window, I would like to draw up three brief profiles of tablets that you can look forward to being released in 2013. Some of them have gotten more attention than others due to the company behind them and the branding that circulates around it. Keep in mind that these are just five from five distinct companies, and that others will be coming out as well.


Tablets 2013 : Best Tablets Reviews

1. Samsung P10

There has some some mystery surrounding the seldom-known P10 tablet from Samsung. There were talks that such a tablet was supposed to be released around this time before the new year, but nothing has been seen yet. It’s looking to be a 2013 release, with no specific date announced just yet. A reviewer for Android Pit by the name of Eric McBride seems to be looking quite forward to the release of the P10, offering an excited preview of what we can look forward to with Samsung.

Samsung P10 : Tablets 2013

According to circulating sources, the P10 could come with an 11.8 inch WQXGA display, and with that will be a 2048×1536 resolution (wait, what?). While many tablets look to be relying on a Snapdragon or Tegra processor, an A15 Exynos 5250 dual core chip could be put to use instead.

This Exynos chip can perform some pretty incredible tasks that probably go beyond basic user necessity.


2. Google Nexus 10.1

The Nexus tablet from Google shook the gadget world when it was unveiled during the summer of this year, and now there is a new-found excitement over a Nexus 10.1 tablet to be released sometime in 2013 (exact date is unknown). According to Techno Buffalo, Google will rely on Samsung to build the 10-inch tablet, and you can expect to see a 2,650×1,600 resolution alongside a 299 ppi pixel density.

Google Nexus 10.1 : Tablets

I wish I could say that there was more information circulating around the supposed Nexus 10.1, but research is providing some lacking specifications. Keep on the lookout for when more comes out about this.


3. Microsoft Surface (Windows 8 Pro Edition)

While people all over the US have had a great time hating on Microsoft Surface and Windows 8 (for what I believe are extremely biased reasons), I am looking forward to seeing the unveiling of the Windows 8-backed version of the Microsoft Surface. The scheduled release date of this tablet is in January, and some people are having a better feeling about it over the currently-available Windows RT version of the surface.

Microsoft Surface (Windows 8 Pro Edition)

If price is heavily on your mind between choosing the RT and Windows 8 version, then you’ll probably be quick to jump on the RT since it is going to be half the price. According to CNET, the Windows 8 Pro Surface tablet will be going for $899.

Keep in mind that the memory will also double from 2GB to 4GB, as well as the storage capacity from 32 to 64GB. Also expect an Intel Core i5 processor. The increased capacity will also allow the Windows 8 Pro version to run regular software programs as well. So while you are going to be paying more, you are getting what you’re paying for. The Windows RT version of the Surface was rather underwhelming in its performance, and it will be good to see Microsoft roll out with this revamped version.

2013 Tablets

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