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Top 3 Computer Monitoring Software Roundup

Computer Monitoring Software Roundup – With all the new technology available via smart phones, tablet PCs and computers, children have more access educational and enriching information than ever. But they also have easy access to inappropriate and risk information.

Top 3 Computer Monitoring Software Roundup

This is a cause for worry amongst many parents seeking to protect their children from such things. But instead of foregoing the use of new technology altogether, you can implement the usage of computer monitoring software. While there are many computer monitoring applications available, not all programs are created equal. Here’s a quick guide to help you navigate three of the best computer monitoring applications available.


Top 3 Computer Monitoring Software

WebWatcher Monitoring Software

WebWatcher is among the most top-rated computer monitoring applications available. It is easy for both tech-savvy, and novice computer users to access and implement in their child computer monitoring efforts. Not only that, but WebWatcher features a high level of security for an added layer of protection. Once the application is installed on a computer, you can log in to the WebWatcher site. And view the activity on the computer where the WebWatcher application is installed. This is great for busy and working parents because it allows you to view computer activity remotely from anywhere in the world.


Spector Pro Monitoring Software

Spector Pro, another high-quality computer monitoring software also has a fairly low learning curve when it comes to monitoring activity on your child’s computer. The main downside is that, unlike the WebWatcher application, it does not allow you to view and manage your child’s activity remotely. But the features of this program easily outweigh the downsides of not having remote access capabilities. It is likely one of the best computer monitoring programs available. It is definitely the easiest to use, but the most compelling feature is that it lets you watch video of your child’s activities. This gives you an added sense of control and understanding of your child’s Internet and personal computing habits.


eBlaster Remote Monitoring Software

Lastly, there is the eBlaster Remote Monitoring program. As far as computer monitoring goes, it is among the best out there. Not only can it do everything that Spector Pro and WebWatcher can — video-based activity monitoring and remote access — but it also sends frequent email reports of your child’s Internet and computer habits and activities. This means that you can receive daily emails detailing what your child is up to on your computer at home. This gives you an added sense that your child’s computer activities are being monitored closely, giving you the ability to better protect your child from unwanted online content.


+ Benefits

When considering the benefits of computer monitoring, there are many. But nothing stands out like the benefit of the comfort in knowing you can protect your child from seeing unwanted content. Not only will this help your sense of comfort in knowing your children are protected, but it will help your children enjoy appropriate content, and educational information made available to them through the many great sources accessible with modern computing technology.


– Downsides

While there are many computer monitoring programs that are marketed as “set-it-and-forget-it” programs, this is virtually impossible to claim as truth. Most programs are effective and monitoring computer activity, but they are not effective babysitters. That is, computer monitoring programs are not able to catch everything your child does. It’s important to stay actively engaged with your child as it relates to their daily computer habits. A good computer monitoring program will be integrated into an already existing approach to protecting your children from inappropriate Internet content.


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