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How To Use Torrents For Good

Torrents are basically the new file sharing option for anyone who wants to share and download files and this is a highly effective way to download things from other computers over a long period of time.

How to Use Torrents For Different Purpose - For Good Not Evil

Are Torrents ‘Bad’?

Now there is a misconception about Torrents that they are illegal. The reason for this is the association with sites like Pirate Bay which promote file sharing of films, music and games. So that people can download them free meaning that the producers or makers don’t see any of the profit( Check Out Downloading Movies Using Torrents ). This has further resulted in tighter regulation of the web and a lot of controversy regarding what the best way for the government to respond is.

However what’s important to remember is that the torrents themselves are not bad and neither is the software like uTorrent. The problem is only with what’s being shared, and actually there are many reasons you might want to use Torrents for good purposes – to download large freeware software for instance or other files, or even to share files with your own computers or friends and family. Often when downloading something that I own or that is free I will opt to use a torrent simply because it’s quicker and because I can download over a period of a few days and not worry about it timing out.


Introduction With Torrents

How to Get Started With Torrents

So if that interests you then how do you get started? Well first of all you will need a Torrent client and the best one out there is without a doubt uTorrent. This is a completely free, very lightweight and highly functional piece of software that even has its own media players and image viewers built in. Download uTorrent, put in your basic settings, and then you’ll be able to start downloading.

Now to try your first file you will need to find a torrent. So search for a piece of freeware like Gimp or Musagi, or something that you own like a ROM that you have the cartridge for. You can do this directly through Google if you want which will help you find sites that are offering the torrents you want, but it might be safer as a way to avoid malicious files if you go directly to well known file sharing sites like Pirate Bay (again remember it’s only a bad thing if you are downloading illegal files).


Choosing Your Download

When you search for what it is you want, then usually you’ll get a lot of results come up along with some statistics. The files that will download most quickly are the ones with a high ‘seeder’ to ‘leacher’ ratio. That means there are lots of people with the files on their computers sharing and few people downloading. If the file name matches what you’re looking for then click on the link to read more.

Here you will get a fuller description so check it is indeed what you want and if there is any encryption such as a password protected rar. Most importantly, read the comments at the bottom to see what other people thought of the file.

If they’re positive then this is probably what you’re looking for and it probably doesn’t have any viruses. Now simply click ‘Download this torrent’ (avoiding the larger download buttons which are usually adds) and then double click on the torrents file to start downloading through your client.


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