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Facebook For Underage – A Review

The Facebook management, flush from their IPO and important wedding, are now canvassing for those aged under 13 to be allowed to use the social platform.

Facebook For Underage - A Review


Underage Facebook Review

At the moment, you have to be aged 13 to be able to create your own Facebook Page? But a senior Facebook executive is about to land in the UK and argues that it’s about time to allow the preteens onto the platform. And their basic argument is that many younger people than 13 are lying to get access, or using their parents to get them access. In short, so many preteens can get access, so why bother preventing them?


This is a bit like saying that because there are so many murders, it might be best to make the practice legal.


Just because something is popular, doesn’t make right. And mainly, on balance, the majority of preteens might happily survive being Facebook members, but before the ever-expanding network gets its way. It has to be better at securing identities and protecting its users.


The problem any social platform has, is trying to mitigate not only against hackers and cyber criminals. But perhaps more worrying, against cyber trolls and online bullies.


And anyone who has not yet reached the age of maturity – which most nations say is around 18 – can struggle with physical relationships, never mind relationships which can be built online.


Online bullying is rife amongst kids and even adults. Social bullying has given a whole new life to bullies. Once they were restricted to the playground, or a group of friends, or colleagues. Now the bully has a whole new load of people to target and one which is easily accessible. Online, the bully can spread their venom efficiently and quickly.


What’s more, bullies can be very subtle and are not all shouty crazed loonies. Some people use subtle forms of bullying which can take place over months and literally erode a person’s confidence and happiness.


And this is the biggest worry for pre-teens. Are they mature enough to handle the demons which lurk on the fringes of a social media platform such as Facebook?


This fear is arguably not enough to prevent the very youngest having a Facebook page. But adults, guardians and siblings need to take on a degree of responsibility to ensure that a young user has the protection they need.


Facebook For Underage Summary

People sometimes forget the World Wide Web can be a very dangerous and hostile place indeed. And many monsters can hide within a social media platform. So unless there is help and guidance from those who know better, than preteens might be better to wait until they join what is admittedly one of the most exciting social developments for decades. So I tried to cover all the points related to underage Facebook world.


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